Sims 3 Store: Brunch at the Old Mill Set Now Available!

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Brunch at the Old Mill – (1700 SimPoints) Harken back to a rustic era of cozy charm with the Brunch at the Old Mill set. Finish working the fields by your mill house just in time for a second breakfast of tea and scones.



Old Miller Tea Time Tea Set – (Not available for individual purchase) Well look what time it is. Time to break out the doily and pour a spot of tea! How delightful that you’re here to join us. We should sit and chat for a spell.


Grandma’s Canning Station – (Not available for individual purchase) Do you have more harvestables than you know what to do with? Want to squirrel away some for those long winter months? Then Grandma’s Canning Station is just the thing for you! Turn your favorite harvestables into a variety of Jams or just can them for later use! Let’s jam!



Old Mill Water Wheel – (Not available for individual purchase) The Wheel on the Mill Goes Round and Round…