The Sims 4: Games™ Chats with Maxis

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What have been the major developments since the game’s announcement almost a year ago?
Franklin: [The fans] have had pretty deep exposure when we ran the Sims Camp last year. We had about 40 people that were exposed to Build Mode (that wasn’t at Gamescom) and the purpose was to get them deeply into it. They loved the features, even the little enhancements like spandrels. It’s those details that they get very excited about. So really, we’ve been finding out how Build Mode felt, what it’s like to place a room down. We’ve been refining that experience and spending our time on making sure it feels great.

Pearson: In addition to that, it has been opening up that vibrant neighbourhood we’ve been talking about and all those opportunities out there. We’ve been looking at all the potential out there and we’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback. Pushing that forward was definitely something we’ve spent a lot of time on since the announcement.

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