Re: The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp Embargo

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For those following and contributing to The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp (Mega Post), I want to make a few clarifications about the embargo.

First, I know I am not SimsVIP, and I normally do not chime in, however I felt it necessary as some of the comments were littered with snarky remarks, with quite a few being extremely off basis. As I have attended previous EA events at the Redwood Shores facility, including The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, it is a top priority for fansite owners, including myself and SimsVIP, to get you the information as fast and as humanly possible.



About the embargo:

The embargo is a non-disclosure agreement that typically lasts in the neighborhood of twenty four hours to forty eight hours depending on the event itself. For week long events like the one we have here, it maybe just the duration of the actual event itself. Again, it depends on what the EA Lawyers impose

Either way, the embargo on the release of information has a very VERY short duration, and expires when the event does or when the fact releasing process is complete.

So please stop with the misinformation and enjoy the flow of information. We will have a better idea of what fansites, and creators alike can show in the next eight hours or so.