The Sims 4: Live Mode Lessons

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Below of the Live Mode Lessons taken directly from The Sims 4. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take many photos, so I was not able to grab screens of each lesson. Build Mode Lessons here.


Achievements are goals for you to work towards across multiple households and save files (achievements are saved per Origin account). Note in some cases you will be unable to gain an achievements by playing only one household.
To view all of your achievements, enter live mode, open options menu, and choose achievement from the menu. You can also use achievements tracker to help guide you in your exploration of The sims 4. Maybe you’ll find out something you didn’t know existed in the game by reading the achievement goal.



Aspirations are mid-long range goals for Sims that help guide them through their lifetime. When creating Sims in CAS, you select an initial aspiration track to put that character on a suggested progression path.
Selecting an aspiration track is not permanent decision – Sims can pursue any and all aspiration tracks at once. Selection and aspiration to track will display notifications when those objective are completed.


Baby Care

Be sure to bottle or breast feed babies to provide nourishment. Babies will need to be cleaned often as well as they aren’t yet potty trained. And don’t forget, give babies plenty of love.

Birthdays and Aging

Any cake can be a birthday cake. Bake a cake, click on it, and choose add birthday candles. When your Sim is ready for the big moment, have them blow out the candles on their birthday cake and watch them transition to their next set of life experiences. You can also use the birthday cake to age up your friends and neighbors, just in case you want them to always be the same age as you.



Software has bugs. The etymology of the term “bug” is greatly debated, although it is an accepted fact that it predates software. What is a bug? Everything from a software crash, a freeze, or a memory leak; to grammatical errors, missing interface data and clipping. WE apologize if you find a bug. We hope that you can forgive us for not finding it ourselves.


Yep, bunnies. (There was a screenshot of a room full of Freezer bunny decor)

Camera Controls

The camera controls can be found in the upper right corner. Click the Camera Controls button to expand the camera interface. Zoom in and out, Rotate left and right, as well as Screen & Video Capture options are all found in the Camera Controls.
Pro Tip: Each control has a corresponding keyboard shortcut option. Hover over the button to view its shortcut.
Sims 4 has two camera styles. The default style allows you to click an open terrain and drag to move the camera. Both camera styles behave differently, so experiement with the left, right and middle mouse button to find one that suits your play style. You can modify the camera style In the game options menu.
The default camera style does not have the option to Pitch (or tilt) the camera). As you zoon the camera in and out, it moves along a patch that allows for an easier experience for viewing your Sims. You can modify this setting in the Game Options/Controls & Camera Tab.


Sims can get a career by using a computer or their phone. You can also open your career panel and choose Join a Career. Careers encourage your Sims to meet new Sims and learn new skills.


Your Sims will perform better at their career if they go to work in the suggested emotion. You can hover over the Career Performance meter in the Career panel to view information about the ideal emotion, as well as how to improve career performance. At least one Sim in your household should have a career, especially if you are a new player.

Changing Outfits

Make sure you always choose the right outfit for every occasion your story needs. Click on your Sim and choose Change Outfits and pick a new outfit for your Sim to wear. Some things will switch your Sims outfit automatically (sleeping, working out, being the groom or bride in a wedding) If you don’t like the outfit it chooses, you can always change the outfit.

Charisma Skill

Charisma is built by executing positive Social interactions and developing friendships. Some careers will require high levels of Charisma Skill, so be sure to direct your Sims to improve this and have plenty of friends.


Comedy Skill

The comedy skill allows you to Write Jokes on the computer, laying the groundwork for becoming a hilarious comedian. Eventually, you comedic timing will increase to the point where you can start writing actual Comedy Routines at the computer. Sims with a high Comedy Skill will be able to Perform Routines at a Microphone to the delight (or annoyance) of other Sims.

Cooking Skill

Cooking improves your Sims’ Cooking skill, unlocks new Recipes, and allows your Sims to prepare tastier, more fulfilling food. Higher quality kitchen appliances also lead to better quality food. Sims with the Focused emotion will generally prepare better food.

Environment Effects

Sims are affected negatively by things like dirty dishes, broken household items, and puddles. Some decorative items will affect your Sim’s current emotion. For example, if a painting is inspiring, have your Sim view the painting to become inspired. Note: An objects catalog hover tip will inform you if it will have an emotional impact on your Sims. Experiment by designing rooms in your Sims’ homes to improve their moods when creating, exercising, and more!


Fishing Skill

Fishing Holes can be found all over the world. Click on the Fishing Hole and begin Fishing to raise your Fishing skill. Fishing skill is also improved by Fishing, and Reading about Fishing. Increasing your Fishing Skill will unlock Fish with Bait and increase the likelihood of catching bigger and better fish. Pro Tip: There are some fish only found in hidden locations.

Fitness Skill

Athletic Sims lead healthier lives and will push back any excess weight gain from over-eating. Sims with higher Fitness skill can Mentor and Train others of lower Fitness skill. Sims with Energized Emotion will generally exercise better.

Gardening Skill

To have your Sim start gardening you will need to acquire some seeds. Seeds can be purchased through Planter Boxes found in Build Mode or from a computer. Purchased seeds can be found in your Sim’s inventory. As you level in your Gardening Skill, you will gain access to new gardening techniques such as fertilizing or splicing. All of which you can use to become the best agriculturist you can be.
When you plant your first seed, click on it to Water, Weed, or Spay for insects. Your plant’s visual state should provide information about what it needs. Your plants happiness is determined by three factors: Infestation, Water, and Weeds. The better you take care of your plant, the faster you can Evolve it.
Having a high Gardening Skill allows you to Evolve plants. There are ten Evolutions in total, stage one being normal, and stage ten being perfect. The more evolved your plant, the more valuable their harvest will become.
There are several ways you can speed the evolution process of your plant. Fertilization is often the fastest method. You can fertilize plants with almost anything – from fruits to fish. The more valuable your Fertilizer, the more of a boost your plant will get.
Once you become skilled enough, you will be able to combine plants by taking a cutting from one plant and grafting it to another. Doing this will cause the plant to grow both crops from one plant. It may also create special seeds.


Guitar Skill

Sims with a higher level Guitar skill will learn new, more challenging Songs, new musical interactions, and will be able to Write songs. Sims who write Songs via the Guitar can licence them on the Mailbox to earn Royalty Payments. Sims in the Inspired emotion will generally be better Guitarists.

Handiness Skill

Broken objects can be repaired with a little time and effort. While repairing, Sims improve their Handiness Skill. As Sims improve their Handiness Skill, they’ll be able to upgrade their household items. Upgraded items have new benefits. For example, they can be unbreakable.
Sims need to spend upgrade parts to upgrade items. Upgrade parts can be found in piles of salvage next to repaired items or can be purchased through the computer. Sims in the Focused Emotion will generally be better at Handiness interactions.

Logic Skill

The logic skill benefits in some careers and Interactions like Hacking via the computer. Play Chess or Read a Book to begin your journey of logical pursuits. Sims with a stronger Logic skill will be better at Playing Chess.
Sims in the Focused emotion will generally find it easier to keep their mind logically focused. Logically the fourth slide should not exist, but here it is!


Memories and Pictures

Open up the Camera Controls panel and Take a Screenshot. Any Screenshot that you have taken can be saved as a Memory. Memories can be Reminisced to provide an Emotional Moodlet to the reminiscing Sim. Click on a Memory in the Memory Timeline. Set the Memory Type if it doe not already have one, and then click on Reminisce about this Memory.

Mischief Skill

Mischief is mainly tied to Social Interactions and the Voodoo Doll. The easiest way to begin your adventure in Mischief is to click another Sim and choose a Social from Mischief. Increasing this skill will unlock new Mischievous socials on Sims and Mischievous interactions on the VooDoo Doll, Computer, and Phone.

Mixology Skill

Crafting drinks improves your Sim’s Mixology skill, which unlocks new, more powerful drink recipes that are sure to delight and even change a Sim’s Emotions. The mixology skill is crucial for hosting Great Parties and is very useful in some careers. Sims in the Focused emotion will generally be better at Mixology.



Your Sims are emotional beings. And their Moodlets drive their emotions. Interactions in the game can push different Moodlets upon your Sims. Brush your teeth, and you might be feeling Minty Fresh. Neglect your hygiene, and you might be Grungy.
Each moodlet has an emotion strength associated with it. Your Sim determines their current Emotion based on the Moodlets they have. Some Moodlets will be multi-colored. These are Happy Emotion Moodlets, or Bonus Moodlets. If you are currently in any emotion other than Happy, Bonus Moodlets enhance your current Emotion.
Note: Hover over your Moodlets to see their effects, how you got them, and what Emotion they are boosting.

Need Failure: Bladder

You can prevent an embarrassing moment by directing your Sim to Use

Need Failure: Energy

Sims require sleep every day in a bed, chair, or even on the floor. If you don’t let your Sims sleep, they’ll eventually pass out. Take quick naps or drink coffee when your Sims don’t have time for a proper sleep. Sims will take care of their Energy Need if you let them, and they are able to do so!

Need Failure: Fun

Sims require entertainment from time to time, else they grow miserably bored. Sims can have fun playing games, reading, watching TV, and more! Better fun items cost more Simoleons, but are well worth the investment. Sims will take care of their fun need if you let them and they are able to .


Need Failure: Hunger

Sims need to eat food a few times every day or they might die of Hunger! Eat snacks or prepare meal for increased nourishment. If your Sim is low on time, Have a Quick Meal from the Fridge or Microwave. Sims who take the tine to cook a proper meal will not enjoy it more, but they’ll learn in the process. Sims will take care of their Hunger Need if you let them and they are able to do so.

Need Failure: Hygiene

Sims require the occasional splash of water on their skin. Try taking a bath or shower. Hygienic Sims will be happier and more successful socially. Washing your hands via the sink is only a temporary solution, but every bit helps! Sims will take care if their Hygiene Need if your let them and they are able to .

Need Failure: Social

Sims require Sim-to-Sim interaction, else they go a little crazy. Call a Sim over to your Sim’s home, or travel to a community lot (like the Gym!) to meet Sims in person. In a pinch, call a Sim, or chat via the computer to fill your Sims Social Need slightly. Sims will take care of their Social Need on their own if you let them and they are able to do so!


Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions like Sadness and Anger will change your Sim’s behavior and outlook on life. At least temporarily. New interactions become available and others disappear based on your Sim’s emotions. When your Sim is in a negative Emotion, you can help them recover. The emotional Whim can always help you find a way to deal with your emotions. Negative Emotions should be seen as a challenge and a goal to solve. Experiment as your Sims cruise the emotional behavior.

Outfit Planning

Click on your Sim or a Dresser and choose Change Outfit to change the outfit your Sim is currently wearing. To modify the outfits, click on a Dresser and choose Plan Outfit. Plan outfit will take you to CAS, however you will not be able to edit some parts of your Sims. You can modify Outfits, Accessories, as well as Hair.
Body and Facial Modifications are off limits. The muscle and Fat sliders in CAS update based on your Sims experiences, you can see how your Sims are doing. When you are done modifying your Sims, click the Play button to return to Live mode.

Painting Skill

Sims with higher Painting Skill are able to work in different styles and create better paintings. Higher Quality paintings can provide powerful emotional benefits. Have your Sim paint while in an Emotion, hang your creation on a wall, and choose View to recreate the Emotions imbued within the paint into your Sim.
Sims who are good enough at Painting could sell their paintings as an alternate career. Sims in the Inspired Emotion will generally paint better, but explore all of the emotions while painting to bring out your inner artist.


Paying Bills

Bills arrive in the mailbox. They can be paid via the computer, your phone, or n the mailbox. You will get a notification reminder before your bills become late. As Sims buy more items and increase the value of their home, their bills will increase. Not paying your bills will result in the possible loss of your utilities, such as power or water.

Piano Skill

Piano Skill – Sims with a higher level Piano skill will learn new, more challenging Songs, new musical interactions, and will be able to Write Songs. Sims who write songs via the Piano can licence them on the mailbox to earn royalty payments. Sims in the Inspired Emotion will generally be better pianists.


So, you want to know if your are having a baby…your Sim can take a pregnancy test by interacting on the toilet to really be sure, or, you just wait to see what happens. The Bassinet is an essential objects expecting parents should purchase for their newborn.
If you don’t purchase a bassinet, don’t worry, your baby will still arrive in their very own (or maybe two if you have twins!) Pregnant Sims will have adjusted physical needs, and Emotions. It may get rocky at times, but its worth the effort! When your Sim’s pregnancy is at an end, the baby will be born. Be ready at any moment!


Programming Skill

Programming begins on the Computer. Click the computer and choose the Programming menu. You can also purchase a book from the Bookshelf to learn the basics. Note: Skilled Programmers can Mentor others to help increase their skill. Increasing the Programming skill will allow Sims to create Plugins, Games, Mods, and Mobile Apps. Experiences programmers will also be able to Hack to make a few Simoleons.

Rocket Science Skill

Space, a frontier. Some say the final one–but not the Rocket Scientist! Sims with the Rocket Science skill see space as only the beginning. The Rocket Science sKill is built using the Rocket Science Ship. What Rocket Ship? That’s classified. Or you could try being an astronaut. Increasing the Rocket Science skill will increase your build speed and unlock new Upgrade for your Rocket Ship.


Successfully Romancing with a Sim improves the romantic aspect of their relationship. A secondary relationship bar will appear to traxk your Romance. Your relationship with other Sims change as a result of both friendship and romance levels. Different relationships offer different and interesting social possibilities available to your Sims. Begin exploring all the Romance options!


Sim Inventory

Sims can interact with items in their personal inventories by opening the inventory (click on the panel in the lower right or use the shortcut key) and slicking the item. Sims can put items back into the world by clicking and holding to pick it up. While dragging, valid drop locations will be highlighted yellow, in addition to being able to place the object directly on to the ground or valid surfaces.

Sim Death

Sims can die if their Needs are neglected for too long, If they push their Sims too far down an emotional path, or as a result of failing certain risky interactions. Or fire. Fire can kill too. Yep, fire. I mentioned fire right? Upon death, the Grim Reaper comes to usher them from the game, leaving behind a memorial Urn or Gravestone which nearby Sims can use to mourn.

Skewer and Sim Control

The Sim thumbnails that appear at the bottom left of the screen, which include your household members, is called the skewer. The skewer provides quick access to information about all the Sims in your Household, as well as the ability to issue commands to them. Left click on a Sim in the Skewer to select them. You can also use the space bar to switch between Sims in your Household.
Right click on the thumbnail of a Sim to set the camera to Follow Mode (an icon will indicate who you are following). Now when your Sim moves, you will follow them. Just move your camera to unset Follow Mode. The color in the background of a Sims thumbnail will indicate their current emotion. The home icon will appear when your Sim is away from their home lot. Clicking this will send them home.
An away action icon appears for Sims who are not currently on the same Street. Clicking it will open different options for you to direct your Sims from afar (socialize, care for self, or other). The available options depend on where they are (work, visiting friends, etc) You can also choose to bring that Sim to you, or send yourself to that Sim through this menu.



Socializing with other Sims is a great way to improve your Sims Social Need. Sims improve relationships when having positive social interactions with other Sims. The better the relationship, the more interesting the social possibilities of your Sim.

The Cell Phone

The Cell Phone is a very handy device that has a number of important uses. Every Sim automatically has one, which shows up as a bitton below the Sim’s portrait on the games HUD in Live Mode. The options in the Cell Phone menu (accessed by clicking the UI button) allow the Sim to do different things like: Invite over a Sim, Travel to a new locations, Hire a Service, Pay Bills, and even Throw a party.


Personality traits give Sims unique interactions, behaviors and preferences throughout their life. Sims gain new personality traits when they age up , up to 3 total when they become young adults. Sims gain Reward Traits by completing aspirations or can purchase new traits with Satisfaction at the Rewards Store.



Some Upgrade benefits will make objects perform better, not break, or provide emotional benefits to Sims. Sims need to use Upgrade Parts to upgrade items. These can be found in piles of junk next to broken objects or even in garbage cans.
You can also purchase upgrade parts from the Order menu if you have enough Handiness skill. As your Handiness Skill improves, you’ll be able to find rare Upgrade Parts and unlock more powerful upgrades. Sims in the Focuses Emotion will generally be better ay upgrading household items.

Using Positive Emotions

Different positive Emotions convey different benefits. For example, Inspired Sims are better at creative activities. New interactions become available and others disappear based on your Sims’ emotions. Experiment with different activities to discover new positive Emotions.
Be sure to inspect the Emotion’s benefit by hovering over your Sims portrait in the HUD, to take full advantage of them. Positive emotions should be seen as an opportunity to accomplish great things. Experiment as your Sims navigate the emotional landscape.


To visit a venue, click on your Sim’s phone and select Travel, then select the destination. You can also hit the [m] key to view the Map and travel from there. Venues will have a bubble over them to indicate their venue type. Sims can visit the local bar or lounge for a refreshing drink, or perhaps the park for a little outdoor excitement with friends.
You can also create your own Venues by using Manage Worlds from the options Menu. Click on a lot to bring up its context menu, Choose Edit and then Change Lot Type to begin creating your own Venue.


Video Gaming Skill

Sims gain the Video Gaming Skill by playing on the Computer, Motion Gaming System, Tablet and Phone. Choose Play Game from an objects pie menu. Playing will build Fun, can cause Fatigue, so take a break every once in a while. Real World Tip: Blink. Increasing your Sims Video Gaming Skill will unlock new Socials, as well as new Interactions on the Computer.

Violin Skill

Sims with a higher level Violin Skill will learn new, more challenging Songs, unlock new musical interactions, and will be able to Write Songs. Sims Who write Songs via the Piano can license them on the Mailbox to earn Royalty Payments. Sims in the Inspired emotions will generally be better Violinists.

Visitors and Travelers

Your Sims’ neighbors will stop by from time to time for a visit. You can also visit neighbors your Sims already know via the Travel interaction on the phone. Sims can also use the phone to invite friends over to visit by using the Plan a Social Event. Or open up the Relationship Panel [r], click on a Sims portrait and choose Invite to.



Whims are quick to short term goals that our Sims have for themselves. Whims will appears as though balloons around your Sim’s thumbnail in the lower left. Hover over a Whim to find out more details about what your Sim wants to do . The description will tell you what and how you can accomplish each Whim, as well as the Satisfaction reward, which you can use in the Rewards Store.
The left most Whim is the Emotional Whim. The Emotional Whim is always either something about helping your Sim stay in or transition out of their current emotion. You can ignore a Whim, it will not have a negative impact on your Sim. You can also dismiss current Whims by clicking on the X next to the Whim thought balloon. This will remove that Whim from your Sim, and eventually refresh with a new Whim after a short period of time.

Writing Skill

Writing is an art that takes time. As Sims develop their writing skill, they’ll be able to write more interesting Books which will earn more Simoleons in Royalties. Sims who are dedicated enough writers can write as their career. Sims in the Inspired emotion will generally be better Writers.