The Sims 4: In Depth Live Mode Preview

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Here is my last part, do not expect a full review of skills, items, and many others. Yes I know it starts bad, it’s just that it’s not at all the way I play and I know my friends do this much better than me. So what I serve, just relaying my personal experience so totally subjective and partial. After you make up your own mind by reading or playing at all because you already have your own opinion and you expect no change. So for those interested party is a journey through the things I’ve decided to focus me.

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Put directly his foot in it from what I read here and there because obviously the new interface leads trenches reactions. Everyone’s tastes and perceptions of things you just accept difference of opinion. For my part I enjoyed, I find clear, practical, modern, intuitive and even ergonomic. The presentation of the city you have probably seen and reviewed.