The Sims 4: Unlockable “Park-like” Lots Confirmed

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In a recent preview by Game Revolution, they mentioned that Sims could also unlock places like “Crick Cabana” and the “Forgotten Grotto” by performing certain actions in game. To help clarify, I asked SimGuruGraham:


From Game Revolution: “Additionally, Sims are no longer locked into a single neighborhood either, allowing them to live in one neighborhood but attend work in another. So far, only Willow Creek and Oasis Springs have been revealed, but Sims can also travel to Crick Cabana after viewing a special looking tree multiple times and can unlock the Forgotten Grotto by breaking open a sealed Mine Shaft in the Desert Bloom Park with Level 10 Handiness. Strangely, the loss of the open-world design has made the travel options far more expansive.”

They’re what I was alluding to in your E3 interview about how what you think of as a “rabbithole” can work completely differently now. It gives us the flexibility to do many cool things that wouldn’t have been possible in Sims 3. I was wondering if anyone at Creator’s Camp would find them 🙂 I’ll leave details about discovering and exploring them for players to share though.

From our E3 Interview: Now, as for rabbit holes, we don’t have rabbit holes in the traditional sense any more. If you’re going off to your job for the day, you’re going to walk off the edge of the neighborhood and the’ll come back later that night. We do have some other stuff, kind of related to that, I don’t wanna get into it yet, it’s a big surprise, it’s going to be super cool, so we’ll touch on that at a later point, but there’s some really exciting stuff to look forward to there with how we’re handling it.