The Sims 4: Up To Date Guru Tweets

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The fountains are similar to the ones in Sims 3 in that they use a build tool and cut into the ground, yes. The things discussed in that article involve some additional considerations that weren’t a concern with fountains. I don’t want to get into the gray area of discussing hypotheticals about something that doesn’t yet exist in the game though; any comment I make can build unintentional expectations.


That’s pushing the boundaries of my understanding of the tech. I tend to think about things in terms of what I know the game is currently capable of doing, as well as considering potential design edge cases that would crop up by whatever we’re adding to that existing tech (and thinking about how we’d solve that – again, from a design/player perspective). In terms of what they specifically need to do to implement things in the game, I leave that to our engineers and rely on their estimates.

I don’t know if we’ll officially be releasing any; it’s not my decision or my plan. Personally I’d like to leave them for players to discover and share with each other.

We don’t have any info to share beyond the PC version right now. I’d suggest not purchasing something that doesn’t say it supports the platform you intend to play it on.