The Sims 4: Strategy & Tactics by Pinstar

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For those of you with a ‘play to win’ approach to playing the Sims or for those of you looking to get a little jump start on your families and like to see your families doing well, I present to you a quick Strategy & Tactics article based on my experiences in Creator’s Camp. This is by no means a comprehensive guide. In fact, you’ll notice most of these are “Learn from my fail” style tips. While I am a veteran of the Sims franchise back to the original, I still had a lot to learn when I picked up the Sims 4.


The Miracle of life ain’t easy.

Do not do what I did to poor Lady Cheshire and put the house’s only bathroom a whole floor and three rooms away from where a mother-to-be sleeps. The impact on her needs while pregnant is probably the MOST severe in The Sims 4 of all the Sims games. While she wasn’t 100% miserable the entire pregnancy, her needs got hit hard and often with sharp declines, especially her bladder and especially while she’s asleep. Do your mother-to-be a favor and keep a bathroom close to where she sleeps. Keeping the fridge stocked with leftovers will allow her to grab quick yet-hunger filling meals that will let her fill that hungry tummy fast.