The Sims 4: DIY Story Progression by DerMonarch

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Going back to a somewhat closed world, Sims 4 does not come with a Story Progression option. What does that mean? It means that the life of other Sims around your own household won’t progress or change unless you decide to play them yourself for a while. Sims will age and die, but won’t live their own lives.
Now this is not a big problem for players who like to play rotational and want to control everything that happens in their game, but if you’d rather concentrate on your own household, it would have been interesting to see your neighbors evolve.


Luckily Sims 4 comes with a great new feature called Manage Households. This tool allows you to move, merge, and edit every household in your game via a simple UI without any loading times. Today I want to show you how to use Manage Worlds to make an inactive household have a child without forcing you to actually play the household.