Guide: The Sims 4 Cooking Skill & Recipe List

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The Cooking Skill unlocks new food recipes, and is the required skill for advancing in the Culinary Career. For a complete list of Drink Recipes, see our Mixology Guide.

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Learning the Cooking Skill

Sims can begin their culinary practice by cooking at home. Once your Sim starts cooking, they will automatically advance to level 1 of the Cooking Skill. Sims can learn the Cooking skill by using the Stove, Fridge, Cupcake Machine, Outdoor Grill, or by reading the Cooking skill books.
As Sims continue to gradually raise their Cooking Skill, they will unlock brand new recipes and tricks. The easiest way to level up this skill is by reading up on Cooking through the skill books, or watching the Cooking Show on TV.


❗ There are a total of 81 Food Dishes available in the game

❗ The Cooking Skill has 2 branches: Homestyle (regular) and Gourmet (advanced).

❗ Sims can unlock 4 bonus food recipes when entering the “Energized”, “Playful”, “Flirty” or “Angry” emotions

❗ Sims with the “Foodie” trait unlock the “Cooking Show” TV Channel

❗ When completing the “Master Chef” Aspirations Sims create high quality food that never spoils
❗ The special unlockable recipes are only available while Sims are in the “required” emotions

❗ Pre-Order Bonus Recipes are always available at their specific skill level.

Off the bat Sims are able to make “Quick Meals” via the Fridge or Microwave. The following meals are available via the “Quick Meals” interaction:

Quick Meal Options

  • Animal Crackers
  • Applesauce
  • Cereal
  • Cheese Crackers
  • Chicken Nuggets (Requires Microwave)
  • Chips
  • Ham and Cheese Sandwich
  • Microwave Dinner (Requires Microwave)
  • Microwave Pastry (Requires Microwave)
  • Milk
  • Oatmeal (Requires Microwave)
  • Orange Juice
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
  • Peas
  • Water
  • Yogurt

In addition to the quick meals above, Sims can also use the phone to order Pizza Delivery.

Pizza Delivery Options

  • Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Canadian Bacon Pizza

When Sims are ready for some of the real meals from fridge, they can use the “Cook” (Select Any Serving), “Serve” (Party Size Serving), or “Have” (Single Serving) options.


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Using “Fresh Ingredients” is another option in the food recipe panel. When selected, the game will automatically use any fruit or vegetable your Sim has in their inventory. When it is not selected, the game will not use your Sim’s ingredients.

❗ Having high quality ingredients from Gardening increases the quality of the food

❗ Fresh Ingredients from your inventory will be highlighted Green in the recipe panel

❗ The cost to prepare food decreases when using your own ingredients

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There are 9 Cakes available to bake in the game. When baking cakes, Sims are also unlocking additional gameplay interactions. Time for a birthday? Add “Birthday Candles” to the cake. Ready to marry your sweetheart? Add a “Wedding Topper” to the cake. Celebratory interactions included.

❗ The SimCity Cheesecake also doubles as a Birthday/Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cake (left) and Birthday Cake (right)


The following food recipes and tricks are available when leveling up in the Cooking Skill:

Level 1 Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Garden Salad (Fridge Only)
    • Grilled Cheese
    • White Cake
    • Chocolate Cake
    • Scrambled Eggs
    • Mac and Cheese
    • Hamburger Cake – (Requires the “Up All Night” Pre-Order Content)
  • Outdoor Grill Recipes:
    • Hamburgers
    • Hot Dogs
    • Tofu Dogs
    • Veggie Burger
  • Cupcake Machine Recipes:
    • Classic Vanilla


Level 2 Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Eggs and Toast
    • Chips and Salsa
    • BLT
    • Fish Tacos
    • High Energy Protein Plate – (Requires “Energized” Emotion)
  • Cupcake Machine Recipes:
    • Minty Mocha
  • Performance Interactions:
    • “Combo Add” trick move


Level 3 Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • Pancakes
    • Pan Fried Tilapia
    • Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes – (Requires “Playful” Emotion)
    • Flirty Heart Cookies – (Requires “Flirty” Emotion)
    • Taco Casserole – (Requires the “Up All Night” Pre-Order Content)
  • Outdoor Grill Recipes:
    • Chicken Sandwich
  • Cupcake Machine Recipes:
    • Carrot Cake
  • Performance Interactions:
    • “Talk About Cooking” with other Sims


Level 4 Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Spaghetti
    • Strawberry Cake
    • Angry Flaming Spaghetti – (Requires “Angry” Emotion)
    • Black and White Cookies – (Requires the “Up All Night” Pre-Order Content)
  • Cupcake Machine Recipes:
    • Butterscotchman


Level 5 Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • French Toast
    • Fish and Chips
    • (Sim’s Name) Signature Cake– (Requires Level 6 in the Culinary Career – Culinary Branch)
  • Outdoor Grill Recipes:
    • Salmon
  • Cupcake Machine Recipes:
    • Strawberry Fizzy
  • New Skills:
    • Gourmet Cooking Skill – (Unlocks New Recipes – See Below)


Level 6 Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Chili
    • Blue Confetti Cake
  • Cupcake Machine Recipes:
    • Red Velvet
  • Performance Interactions:
    • Additional trick moves


Level 7 Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Blackened Bass
    • Omelet
  • Outdoor Grill Recipes:
    • Steak
  • Cupcake Machine Recipes:
    • Super Chocolate Tummers Bomb


Level 8 Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Apple Pie
  • Cupcake Machine Recipes:
    • The Baconing
  • Performance Interactions:
    • “Flavorize” meals via the Stove – (Makes food quality higher)


Level 9 Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Cioppino
    • Chicken Stir Fry
  • Performance Interactions:
    • “Give Cooking Tips” to other Sims
    • “Sell” Cupcakes to Local Bakery


Level 10 Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Tuna Casserole
    • Roast Chicken


Although tricks are fun optics, not all tricks are successful. Sims who play with tricks on a low level Cooking Skill may end up cutting themselves (negative moodlet), or even starting a fire and burning to death.


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Learning the Gourmet Cooking Skill

Once your Sim has made it to Level 5 of the Cooking Skill, they will unlock the “Gourmet Cooking Skill”. This new option gives Sims a brand new option when cooking: “Cook a Gourmet Meal”.

❗ Sims can purchase “Gourmet Cooking Books” and learn the skill at any Cooking Level
❗ The “Gourmet” Cooking option only unlocks at level 5 of the regular cooking skill

There are a total of 10 levels in this branch of the skill, and each level adds new recipes and tricks for your Sims. The only way to level up is to cook Gourmet Foods. (Baking Gourmet Cakes significantly increases this skill)


The following food recipes and tricks are available when leveling up in the Gourmet Cooking Skill:

Level 1 Gourmet Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Garlic Noodles
    • Black and White Cake
    • Pasta Primavera
    • Fruit and Yogurt Parfait – (Fridge Only)
    • Caprese Salad – (Fridge Only)
    • White and Black – (Requires the “Up All Night” Pre-Order Content)


Level 2 Gourmet Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Butternut Gnocchi
    • Chicken Saltimbocca


Level 3 Gourmet Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Herb-Crusted Salmon
    • Spinach Fritatta
    • Salt and Pepper Shrimp Cocktail – (Requires the “Up All Night” Pre-Order Content)
  • Performance Interactions:
    • “Fancy Spices” trick move


Level 4 Gourmet Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus
  • Performance Interactions:
    • Food made by this Sim gives others the “Delicious Dish” moodlet


Level 5 Gourmet Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Tiered Cake
    • SimCity Cheesecake
  • Performance Interactions:
    • “Air Slice” trick move


Level 6 Gourmet Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Rack of Lamb


Level 7 Gourmet Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Lobster Tortellini
    • Lobster Thermidor


Level 8 Gourmet Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Monte Cristo Sandwich
  • Performance Interactions:
    • “Research Advanced Cooking Techniques” on the Computer


Level 9 Gourmet Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Trout Meuniere
  • Performance Interactions:
    • “Share Cooking Secrets” with other Sims


Level 10 Gourmet Cooking Skill

  • Fridge/Oven Recipes:
    • Baked Alaska
    • Ambrosia – (Requires Angelfish, Death Flower, and Young Again Potion)
  • Performance Interactions:
    • “Garnish Dishes” – (Increases Food Quality)

And that’s not all! Want to make a few extra simoleons with your newly acquired Cooking Skill? Sims who have reached level 9 in the Cooking Skill can sell their Cupcakes to the local Bakery.

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Ambrosia is a rare single serving food dish that can bring a ghost back to life or reset the age of a living Sim. The dish can be worth upwards of 2500 Simoleons, and lasts 10 hours outside the fridge without spoiling. Other than Ambrosia, the only other way to resurrect your Sims is to use the Book of Life.

Skill Levels required for Ambrosia:

  • Level 10 of the Cooking Skill
  • Level 10 of the Gourmet Cooking Skill
  • Level 7 of the Gardening Skill

Ingredients required for Ambrosia:

  • Angelfish(Uncommon Fish found in Willow Creek)
  • Death Flower(Acquired by splicing the Orchid and Pomegranate plants)
  • Potion of Youth(Purchase this from the Rewards Store for 1500 Satisfaction Points)

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