The Sims 4 Community Blog: 7 Steps to Cooking Greatness

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Written by Yours Truly!

Hey Simmers!
If you haven’t explored the world of cooking in The Sims 4, it’s time to throw on your apron and cook your way through the game’s 70+ recipes! Learn the Cooking Skill by using the Stove, Fridge, Cupcake Machine, and Outdoor Grill to cook meals, or have Sims read up on the skill using the Cooking Skill Books. As your Sims continue to gradually raise their Cooking Skill, they will unlock brand new recipes and cooking tricks.

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The traits and aspirations you select for your Sims are important for advancing in the Cooking Skill. Giving Sims the “Foodie Trait” unlocks a special Cooking Show channel on TV, and the “Genius Trait” helps them stay focused while they cook. But wait! There’s more.
The “Master Chef Aspiration” will unlock even more rewards. This aspiration gives your Sims the bonus “Essence of Flavor” trait which improves the quality of the food they cook, and when completed, awards your Sim with the “Fresh Chef Trait”. Sims with this trait make food of the highest quality that never spoils.
Top it all off by entering the Culinary Career, and your Sims are ready for Top Chef status. To give you a leg up with the Cooking Skill, here are some helpful tips to guide you through your cooking adventures:
• The Gardening Skill is beneficial to the Cooking Skill. Not only does using high quality ingredients yield high quality dishes, it also decreases the cost of food.
• Get emotional! Sims who enter certain emotional states can unlock brand new recipes. Want some Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes? Have a Sim enter the “Playful” emotion!
• All Cake Recipes double as celebratory desserts. Time for a birthday? Add “Birthday Candles”! Ready to marry your sweetheart? Add a “Wedding Topper”! Celebratory interactions included.
• Want to make a few extra Simoleons with your newly acquired Cooking Skill? Click on the freshly baked cupcakes and sell them to the local Bakery.
• Reach level 5 in the Cooking Skill to unlock Gourmet Cooking! This skill branch allows Sims to cook fancy Gourmet meals that are sure to please!
• Reach level 10 in the Gourmet Cooking Skill to unlock the “Ambrosia” dish. One bite of this magnificent meal and your ghosts will come back to life!
• If cooking at home is not adventurous enough for you, have your Sims join the Culinary Career to unlock a special recipe, new Create-a-Sim parts, and culinary based reward objects!


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As you can see, there is so much to explore with the Cooking Skill. To learn more about this tasty world of The Sims 4, be sure to check out SimsVIP’s Cooking Guide and SimsVIP’s Gardening Guide.