The Sims 4: Promotional Material by Todd Kennedy

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With great excitement the Sims 4 was announced at Gamescon 2013 in Cologne, Germany. Artwork that illustrated the new look of the Sims 4 were presented to the world for the first time on the walls of the booth thirteen feet high. Going hand in hand with the announce ancillary packaging, branding, and illustrations were created for Sims 4 Base game, Premium Edition, and Special Edition packs.
Created to expand on the positive aspects of the Sims 3 brand and minimize the negative. The Sims 4 is poised to become the next “big thing”. From logo development, packaging, color exploration and illustration “look and feel” all aspects of the new brand were created and scrutinized. Not only were assets created but also a Pipeline built to better supply marketing teams with the latest and greatest approved artwork for immediate release to awaiting fans.

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