Purchase The Sims 4 Collector’s Edition at Play-Asia (NA)

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North American simmers looking to get their hands on a Collector’s Edition of The Sims 4 without using traditional methods like Ebay, now have an alternative method of purchasing this version of the game.
Authorized retailer Play-Asia.com currently sells The Sims 4 Collector’s Edition (ENGLISH), and will ship the game to residents of North America. This is great for collectors who want to get their hands on the exclusive “USB Interactive Plumbob“. (I’ve yet to see those pop up on Ebay!)
I recently used Play-Asia to acquire the game as GAME UK was stalling with shipping issues, and Ebay was grossly overpriced. Shipping at Play-Asia will cost you anywhere between $24-$30 (depending on speed) and you will receive the game fairly quick. One of the best things (for me at least) is that the game is not stamped with the UK’s “Pegi 12” rating. Just a plain ol’ PC DVD stamp.
I know there are many North American players who want to get this version of the game as EA did not release one for North America, so hopefully this helps you complete your collection. For more information on the Collector’s Edition of The Sims 4, check out WeeAlbet’s unboxing video!

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