Community Blog: Madrona in the Middle (Fan Story)

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Our fans tell amazing stories and we thought there’s no better place to highlight them than on The Sims official blog. First of our storytellers to be featured is Cathy Tea.
“I’ve been playing Sims since the release of Pets for The Sims 2, and I’ve been hooked ever since. This excerpt comes from ‘The Goofy Love Legacy’ which I started Sept. 4, 2014, the day that Pinstar released the official Legacy Rules for The Sims 4, Cathy said. “In addition to Goofy Love, I have four other stories, one of which is completed, and I’m planning a new story which will begin soon. With the exception of the new story, these stories are various Sims challenges.”

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Professionally, Cathy Tea enjoys being the web editor for a large urban school district and an instructor of online writing classes for her local community college. In addition to Simming, Cathy Tea loves to play the cello, dig in the garden and hike with her boyfriend in the desert surrounding Oasis Springs. Like her legacy founder, Cedar Bough, Cathy Tea sometimes twirls under the blue sky and says, “Ah, lor-ay! Beauty is all around us!”