15 Artists Celebrate The Sims’ 15th Anniversary

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Geek-Art and French Paper Art Club partnered with Electronic Arts to celebrate The Sims’ 15th Anniversary, exhibition-style, in Paris last week. To bring together the event, sponsors recruited 15 of the most talented artists from around the world to express their unique vision of The Sims.

All screen prints from the exhibition are currently on sale in very limited quantities.




Anne MasseGlen Brogan

Sims_Anne-Masse Sims_Glen-Brogan


Christophe Louis QuibeLaurent Duvoux

Untitled sims-exe_567


Grégoire GuilleminJoshua Andrew Belanger

Untitled Sims_Andrew-Belanger


Ian WildlingŠimečková Lenka

Sims_Ian-Wilding Sims_Lenka


Manuel KilgerOskunk

Sims_Manuel-Kilger Sims_Oskunk


Singelin GuillaumeTizieu

Sims_Singelin Sims_Tizieu


Karl Yvan TagleRonan Toulhoat

Sims_Karl-Tagle Sims_Toulhoat