Sims 4 Community Blog: Your Sim, M.D.

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This April, your Sims will rule the workplace in The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack. You will control your Sims’ every action as they tackle three active careers, whether it’s saving lives as a daring doctor, solving crimes as a fearless detective, or devising inventions as a mad scientist. You will also be able to put your Sims’ entrepreneurial ambitions to the test as you create and customize unique retail businesses. Plus, there are new venues, more skills to learn, and the chance to befriend some aliens!


Today, we’re going to walk you through a day in the life of a Doctor at the new Hospital venue. You can also check out a doctor Sim in action in our latest video: The Sims 4 Get to Work: Official Doctor Gameplay Trailer.
It’s 9:00AM. Doctor Padma Arani, General Surgeon, takes a few steps towards the Hospital kitchen to begin her day.
Dr. Arani’s first patient is ready for her. A young adult male, slightly overweight, complaining of feeling under the weather. It’s good to begin the day with an easy case. Dr. Arani sends him to the X-Ray machine first, purely as a matter of standard procedure. She then has him sit on the examination table to check his eyes, then ears, and take his temperature. Dr. Arani is about to collect more data for her diagnosis by putting her patient on the treadmill when a pregnant woman bursts through the Hospital doors.
She’s in labor! Dr. Arani is on call and she quickly ushers the woman to the Surgery Table to deliver the baby, the first time she has ever done this. It’s terrifying, but the baby emerges happy, healthy, and safe. Both baby and mother are doing just fine.
Oh no! Dr. Arani forgot about her first patient! She gets him on the treadmill for a diagnosis. She drives him until he’s exhausted, a little slimmer, but ready for a diagnosis. It turns out he has a relatively minor case of Gas and Giggles, which can be cured without too much effort.



It’s afternoon now. A few more cups of coffee and a quick bite in the kitchen revitalize Dr. Arani. She has an important operation to perform on the new Surgery Table. The surgery is long and intense, and a little messy, but this is her specialty – she’s known for removing all kinds of squishy, essential organs better than anyone else in the Hospital!
The day ends, thankfully without a house call. As a high level surgeon, Dr. Arani occasionally must leave the Hospital to care for Sims in the neighborhood. Normally this is fine, but she’s so exhausted by the day’s activities, she’s grateful to just head straight home.
This is just one day in a Doctor’s life. Sims in this active career will need to balance the needs of multiple patients, their own Motives (a happy doctor is a good doctor), and the everyday demands of a busy Hospital. They’ll also diagnose patients and use a variety of medical devices. It’s everything you’d expect from a medical drama. Your medical drama!
We hope you have enjoyed this peek at the Doctor career. Next week, we will be revealing more about life as a Detective. Stay tuned!