The Sims 4 Get To Work: Twitter Q&A

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Stores won’t be a passive way to make money without actually being there and managing them. On the flip side, nothing decays and there are no ongoing bills, maintenance costs, salaries to pay, etc, while you’re not at your store. It’s simply there for you at any time when you want to play with it, with no drawbacks when you want to focus your time elsewhere.


Our retail experience is focused more on tending to your customers and managing your employees. Because the customer decides what they want to purchase, the specific item being sold and the exact price it’s being sold for has less of a focus than ensuring that you’re smoothly running your entire operation. Certainly your store’s prices can be adjusted though, and in turn your mark up level will determine a lot about how difficult it is to interact with customers, and how willing they are to purchase from your store. Items with a 5% mark up practically sell themselves, while a 100% mark up requires more hands on care convincing each customer, but can reap greater profits. How you balance it all to maximize profits is part of the fun gameplay to be had =)

It’s a new neighborhood, not an entire “world”. In terms of size, it’s in-line with other neighborhoods in the game. That said, I definitely understand that people want access to more lots.