SimsVIP Series: “Getting Work Done With Sims” Part 3

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Well hello there, dear readers! Are you ready to embark on one last venture with our beloved Lexi? Our girl’s been through a lot during our story, but I think she’s up for one last round of randomness and pure hilarity, don’t you? Let’s see if we can’t make something out Lexi’s bakery once and for all. If you’re just joining the series and would like to catch up, feel free to check out the first two parts of our story, Part 1 and Part 2! If you’re already up to speed on the life of our dear Lexi, then let’s not waste any time! It’s been a short while since we’ve hung out with her, so let’s see what she’s up to…

Since our last adventure with Lexi, her life has definitely changed, and for the better. In the game, it’s been almost a week since she met Zachary, and while I originally intended them to be the ‘bestest of best friends’, it turns out they started becoming something else on their own entirely.
Young love...and headaches

Ah…young love and splitting headaches are abundant in Lexi’s sweet shoppe. Isn’t it glorious?
Once that happened, I realized my plans had to change a little bit. Upon further thinking, however, I come to the conclusion that this could actually work to my advantage. I quickly go into Build Mode and do some minor redecorating to the living quarters down in the basement.
New layout for Lexi's living quarters

See what’s different? That’s right, I moved the rug! It makes the whole space look LOADS different, am I right? *you may roll your eyes at me for that attempt at a joke*
Now that I’ve decided for Zachary to live with Lexi, her stress won’t be anywhere near the levels it was before. That is, if certain employees of hers would actually do some work once in a while. Unfortunately, Goopy and Tate at this point still goof off instead of helping customers. For some reason, Goopy never actually ‘qualifies’ for the “Berate for Slacking” interaction, but Tate does. My guess? Seniority. Goopy is probably setting Tate up somehow, making himself look good while the new guy takes the rap. Well, no matter. Whenever this happens, Lexi is blunt with Tate on slacking on the job, and Goopy meanwhile twiddles away on his phone somewhere playing Blicblock or something.
Tate was slacking AGAIN

Despite their carelessness, the store is still making plenty of money each day. Lexi’s gone from earning roughly §600 a day in sales, to earning over §2,000, and that’s INCLUDING Goopy and Tate’s wages taken out.
financial report for sweets by Lexi G on day 12

Since the store is doing so well, I decide to expand the building a little, enough so that a modest room can sit comfortably to the left of the register. Inside, I place a new toy for Lexi to play with…
A new toy for Lexi...

Let’s be real here…we all knew the Cupcake Machine was going to make an appearance sooner or later. There were cupcakes and doughnuts to be had, and I sure wasn’t going to have Lexi miss out on all the fun!
The morning after I buy the machine, I have Lexi prepare some chocolate glazed doughnuts, and when she has the option to decorate them, I waste no time and have her get right to work on making those goodies look pretty.
Decorating her sweets

After her masterpiece is finished, I decide to open the store. There are a few things that need restocked, but Lexi is more than capable of doing that herself, so I sit back and wait for Goopy and Tate to arrive. After a moment, I see Goopy off in the distance, and immediately after, I see this.
Marilyn Copeland I swear this is getting silly

This girl, I swear. I have no words.
If you don’t recognize her, this is Marilyn Copeland. Yeah, THAT Marilyn Copeland (aka: Weeniehead). She goes by Clownface Copeland these days, apparently. If nothing else, at least she’s consistent in inappropriate attire, right?
So as Goopy arrives to the store and starts his day, I notice that Tate is missing. I check my “Manage Employees” screen and he’s still hired, so what gives? Is he running late? Is that a thing in the “Get To Work” expansion that I’m not aware of? Is he blatantly refusing to come in because of the way Lexi berated him for slacking the day before? For now, my questions go unanswered, yet the customers keep rolling in from every side. Time for my backup. Zachary.
faster restocking retail perk

Since I’m going to have Zachary help out around the store, I decide to get a couple of perks. Faster checkouts and faster restocking will definitely help in the long run, even if they are only a ‘small’ boost. With that, I send him off to help customers.
An hour or two goes by, and as Zach, Lexi and (occasionally) Goopy help customers, I still see no sign of Tate. I begin to think that the game glitched with him or something, because this has never happened before, and it’s something I would really like NOT to happen in the future, so I check the “Manage Employees” screen one more time…
Tate Tillman didn't come in to work today....because he died and is a ghost LOL

He died.
Well that explains it. Sure, ghosts can still roam around and do things like living sims, but only when it gets dark. That’s why Tate never came in. Since I have no plans on making Lexi’s bakery an all-night hot spot, I honestly have no use for Tate anymore. It’s a shame that he died, really, but I have to think about Lexi’s business. Not to mention the customers would probably be a little freaked out at a ghost ringing up their purchases…
Tate: So would you like to put the coffeemaker on a payment plan? Or would you rather pay all upfront with the blueberry bagels and chocolate doughnuts you’re buying today as well?……Ma’am?
Customer: *on phone* Hello? Yes, I need the Twinbrook Ghost Catchers here ASAP! There’s a ghost standing right in front of me and he’s asking me questions!
Tate: *sigh*
With that, we say farewell to Tate Tillman, who now hates Lexi because she fired him. Hey, sorry buddy. Your new scheduling conflicts just don’t work for our bakery. Don’t go hating us just because you died!
Now I must hire someone to take his place, so I look at the roster to see who I have to choose from. I make a mental note to remember NOT to hire any elders this time.
welp, back to the hiring board

From what I see, Curtis Hu is the best option, so I hire him and hope that when he arrives tomorrow, he’ll be a keeper.
Goopy actually working for once

As if by magic, soon after the whole “Tate” incident, Goopy actually starts working, restocking items that have recently sold and not talking to anyone whilst doing so. Perhaps he thought Lexi’s berating ended up ‘killing’ his former coworker, and would very much like to live? Whatever the reason, I don’t disturb him. Who knows if this will happen again?
Lexi's sweets are so good, she has customers from the underworld

Late in the day, just as the sun is setting, I see a customer who I could’ve sworn was alive and kicking a day ago. Well, looks as though she’s kicked the bucket, and perhaps caught up with a certain former employee on the ‘other side’? She gives Lexi a look of sheer disgust, which doesn’t bother Lexi, but amuses me greatly.
Lexi: Oh hey there! Tell Tate that he forgot to hand in his name badge and uniform when I let him go…kinda need those back.
Ghost Lady: Ugh, I’ve heard bad things about you, but I just can’t resist coming back……curse you and your delicious treats of legend!
Zachary helping out Lexi

Shortly after that, I close up for the day, another successful venture for the bakery! After sending Goopy and the customers home, I have Lexi and Zach do some restocking, and I quickly learn to appreciate the retail perks I got earlier, as well as Zach’s extra help. Having him move in was the best decision yet! They finish up, and after having them catch up on their needs, I send them to bed.
Next day rolls around, and it’s a typical day as Lexi’s new employee, Curtis Hu, arrives for his first day of work. He seems like he’s a good worker, so I focus on Lexi and Zach with their customers as I leave him to answer questions from shoppers coming into the store.

This sums him up nicely...


Well, that was pretty quick. Within a few hours, Curtis slacks off, ignores customers, distracts Goopy, and I’m pretty sure he wants more money. I calmly go over to the “Manage Employees” screen and see his status as ” Very Unsatisfied” and already making §31 an hour. Oh, I’m sure he can make more than that…
firing Curtis

firing Curtis 2


I’m quickly realizing that hiring new employees doesn’t seem to work out well in my favor. One dies, the other slacks off and wants all the money, and I just can’t seem to keep up with business with just Goopy and occasionally Zach. That’s when I get my “A-HA!” moment…
Meet Evelyn Elmont

Welcome Evelyn Elmont everyone, Zachary’s sister. She and Zach were my first playing family when I got The Sims 4, and I can’t think of anyone better to help Lexi out! Evelyn has always aspired to become a famous chef, so this is perfect! I set her out into the bakery, and she does her magic.
Evelyn ringing on up

Within no time, she’s a natural. She gets along with Lexi well due to their common interests, and she’s efficient with customers and restocking, all thanks to the “Faster Restocking (Large)” and “Faster Checkouts (Large)” perks I made sure to get immediately beforehand. It doesn’t take long until…
"No Items For Sale" notification

completely empty...a good feeling, no?

I don’t think I’ve EVER seen that prompt before, and it’s a nice feeling, despite the store being completely empty. What’s more, when I go into Build/Buy Mode and do some rearranging, I notice the sold items highlighted in a reddish orange color, which is a nice touch.
restocking items in buy mode

With the bakery in good hands, and a lifetime’s worth of experiences, I decide it’s time to end Lexi’s part of our journey of “Getting Work Done”. No worries, you’ll still see her from time to time. How so? Well, guess who we’ll be following next? YUP!
Zachary Elmont's new role

Zachary, when I first created him way back before The Sims 4 even came out, was destined to be a secret agent, so being a detective isn’t too much of a stretch for him to tackle, in my opinion. Looking back, seeing a secret agent named Zachary suddenly makes me realize that my subconscious was practically trying to make the title character of Chuck *played by Zachary Levi*, a TV show I miss oh so much. Quick, someone make a Buy More retail lot and BM uniforms, complete with that “Nerd Herd” station! It’s the perfect opportunity, and I’m certain I’ll love you forever if you do!
So, are you ready to follow Zachary into the life of a dedicated detective? I know I am!
Just as a reminder, you can now download Lexi Greystone from the gallery here! My name in the gallery is StephyDee, so it should be plenty easy to find if the above link doesn’t work! I’ve uploaded her as CC-free, and her skill levels are as they were around the time of Part 2. Go have your own adventures with Lexi and her bakery! “Sweets by Lexi G” doesn’t have to end just because I’m moving on to a new journey! She’s still got plenty of skill and randomness left in her, that’s for sure!
Also, I know Part 3 took much longer to come out than the previous two (YAY for real life issues! But really…), and I apologize for those of you who were itching to continue the story. Because of this, I have decided to release the next part much sooner than when I normally post them. Part 4 will be all about Zachary and his start into the detective career, and expect his first installment later on this weekend!