12 Problems with Reality Only Sims 4 Players Understand

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The Sims has never been your typical gamer’s game and, even if you’re a professional Sim-a-holic, you’ll never be considered a gamer because of it. Regardless of what the typical gamer thinks (and it’s not like you really care), you’ve considered yourself a master of the Simming art and everything it includes.
From pulling the best pranks on the Grim Reaper, “woohoo-ing” your way through your neighbourhood, building the most lavish homes, completing every skill (from gardening to cooking) and being at the top of every Sim career possible (mainly because you’ve frozen time and your sim is unable to age) – you’ve done it all!


Sometimes you just wish that reality could be just like your favourite PC game, don’t you? Life seems so easy for your little guys and girls in Sim Land. What worries or responsibilities could they possibly have in a land that encourages nightclubbing and throwing parties with an unlimited amount of cash in the bank? It’s like being grown up without all the bad stuff thrown into the mix. Just the way you imagined it as a kid. Here’s a fun look at 12 (not-so-serious, but serious nonetheless) problems only people who are addicted to the best simulation game in the world have when it comes to real life.