The Sims 4: Building Your Perfect Outdoor Pool

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You can’t say “#SimSummer” or  “relaxation” without your mind lounging poolside. Pools in The Sims are an integral part of summer fun and vacation relaxation, but are you building the best pool for your sim?

Looking at the available options for building your perfect pool can be a bit overwhelming at first, but never fear! To kick-start your creativity, here are a couple of tips that can help you make a splash when designing your pool!



First, consider why you’re building the pool. What is the personalities of the sims that will be using it? What does the surrounding area look like? More often than not, you can change a tiny aspect of a normal pool to make it your own. Try rounding the edges of a square pool for a more traditional family, or make a lap-pool for sims that will mainly be working out!

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Above-ground pools can be made by lifting the foundation of an area and placing a deck underneath. This technique can be used to create cheaper-looking above ground pools, but can also contribute to fancy split-leveling for a resort area. Fences and half walls are not only useful for trapping sims inside pools, but can also be used to finish the edges of the poolside!


Use the new custom pool tool to create many different shapes! Even though pools don’t have curved edges at this time, you can “fake” a natural-looking swimming feature by lining the pool edges with rocks, plants, or other items. try different colors or types in order to get a different feel. Whether it’s a natural pond or hot spring, it can take a pool from “fun” to “relaxing.”



Helpful Hints for Building with Pools

• To make a pseudo-infinity pool, place windows on the edge overlooking the scenery.
• Pool lounge chairs can be made by combining chairs and ottomans or tables using “bb.moveobjects”.
• Create cool fountains or water park features by playing with the size-up feature and the move-objects cheat.
• Rugs or yoga mats can be used as great poolside towels.
• Change the wall and floor color of a pool in order to further customize!

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