Community Blog: How to Make Your Own Spa in The Sims 4

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When you load up The Sims 4 Spa Day* you’ll find three Maxis-made Spas ready to be placed, but like the other Venues in the game, you’re also able to make your own. Whether you want a Spa focused on massages, saunas, or even meditation, the game pack gives you the tools to make it happen.
After choosing a lot and selecting the Spa Lot type, you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with the new Spa items in Build Mode. Click the “Objects by Function” section, choose “Show all,” and select Spa Day in the filter panel in order to see all of the new items that come in the pack. Before you start building, you’re going to want to know what these do.


Happy Hands and Feet Chair. This comfortable chair is where Sims can get hand and foot massages! While at the Spa look out for the Reflexologist NPCs that stand by the chair – they’ll be the ones to give out those relaxing massages.
Tip: When building your Spa, make sure to leave plenty of room around this chair to give the reflexologist room to work
The Relaxer Massage Table. This table object doesn’t do the things you’d normally expect to do on a table – it does so much more! While at the Spa, Sims can get massages here from skilled (and not-so-skilled) Massage Therapist NPCs, as well as receive some relaxing Aromatherapy massages.
Tip: If a Sim has enough of the brand-new Wellness skill, they can even give other Sims massages with this object if they’re not in a Spa lot.
Zen Again Yoga Mat and Instructor Zen Again Yoga Mat. These Yoga Mats are new objects that Sims can perform various Yoga poses on. The regular Zen Again Yoga Mat can be used on any lot, but the Instructor Zen Again Yoga Mat can only be used on Spa and Gym lots. Yoga Instructors only appear on Gym and Spa lots, so make sure that your lot type is set correctly or your Yoga Classes won’t start.
Tip: When placing the Instructor version of the Yoga Mat, you’ll notice a special green area attached to the object. If you place the regular version of the Yoga Mat in this area, they’ll be eligible to participate in the Yoga Class that a Yoga Instructor NPC will teach.



Artificial Fever Room and StoneZone Sauna. The Sauna objects are large objects that can seat up to four Sims in their steamy interiors. Sims can enjoy relaxing Steam, socialize, and even WooHoo! Be careful not to let your Sim stay in there too long though, or they might feel some of the more… deadly effects of prolonged steaming. If you’re worried about creating your own Sauna arrangement, Spa Day features two pre-made styled rooms that are great starting configurations.
Tip: We recommend surrounding the object on all four sides for the best-looking sauna, but feel free to make the room bigger or smaller as desired. You can even place two of them side by side in a single room. Don’t forget a door!
The Ohmm My Gosh Meditation Stool and The Introspective Contemplation Stool. If you’re looking for your Spa to be a relaxing place to be, you can’t go wrong with these meditation stools! Sims build Wellness skill by meditating, and may even attempt to levitate if they have high enough skill. Sims who master the art of wellness can even gain the ability to teleport anywhere on the lot, or to different lots they’ve visited before.
Tip: Sims who are new to the Wellness skill might get distracted while meditating and become bored. They won’t want to meditate again until they’re not bored any more, but that won’t last more than a single Sim hour.
Wall and Floor Patterns. Spa Day includes a new set of walls and floors that light up and glow! The “Glow that Flows” Wall Panels and Floor Tile are something that we’ve never done before in The Sims series. These wall and floor patterns glow and move with soothing light in a variety of colors, and have matching wall and floor light strips that you can use to accent your Spa.
Tip: The walls and floors of your Spa will do a lot to help convey the mood that you want Spa guests to feel. Use warmer woods to give your venue a cozier vibe, or use cooler stone and marble tiles to give your Spa a sleek modern flair.


Decorations. Spa Day comes with wall and floor decorations that fit in a variety of different styles. If you’re going for a cleaner, modern look, try placing the Etherian Wooden Slatwall or the aptly-named Awesome Cube. For a true touch of serenity, add a Water Wall to your Spa. This object comes in three different heights and features relaxing water that cascades down the wall. You can even set the water’s ambient color – and for the truly adventurous, change the water’s color to a cycling rainbow of relaxation.
Tip: For a more natural look, try using some of the plant and stone-based decorations like the Beguiling Bamboo Divider or the Plant and Stones of Serenity.
Lighting. There’s a couple of new lights in this game pack. Some of them come in forms that we’ve never had before in The Sims like the Glow that Flows wall and floor patterns. Others include exciting stuff like backlit wall mirrors (Backlit Mirror of Illumination), two-story ceiling chandeliers (The Stellar Spiral), and illuminated floor decals (Illuminated Lotus).
Tip: Remember to light each room in your spa properly! If you want a more soothing setting – let’s say for your meditation room – dim the lights and change their color to a more romantic blue or warm yellow. Or, if the room is meant to be a more active one like a Yoga studio, keep the lights bright and plop in a few windows.
With this knowledge you should be able to make (and share!) some fantastic Spas. But before you head off and start creating, we have a few additional tips and tricks to help you on your Spa-building experience…
• Remember to place gender doors on your locker rooms to avoid some embarrassing moments for your Spa guests!

• Try to have the locker rooms located close to the Mud Baths, exercise equipment, and Yoga mats. That way Sims won’t have to walk too far to clean themselves off.


• Remember that you can change the color of every light object in the game. Use this to change the ambience of rooms and locations in your Spa.

• Set down the “Luxe Drink Tray” in a location that’s easily accessible to Spa guests. These fizzy drinks are very popular with Sims!

• Remember that you can place wall decals like the new Zen Again Wall Decal on windows!