The Sims 4 Spa Day: Building a Stunning Spa

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So you’ve got Spa Day Fever, and are itching for some relaxation in your very own custom spa. With the large variety of items in new styles and themes, deciding what to build can get a little overwhelming. This short guide will offer tips and hints in order to help you build a spa customized to fit your sims’ lifestyle!


The first thing to keep in mind is that not all spas are built the same. Your spa doesn’t need to house all of the furniture found in the Game Pack. In the beginning, it’s better to specialize and create venues that are focused on one aspect.
Create a fitness spa, focused on yoga and massage, and omit the mud baths and meditation. Create a health spa, complete with physical therapy and mental therapy, but steer away from the more intense relaxers. The spa venue only requires 4 spa items, so specializing limits your choices and makes floor-planning less overwhelming.


After you figure out what kind of spa you want your sim to have, you’ll have to pick a style that’s both relaxing and suitable. The Spa Pack does not disappoint when it comes to supplying you with styles, but maybe you can’t quite wrap your head around a particular style.
Try making a swatch in the corner of your lot: use a slice of wall to represent your main wall color, and half walls to act as accent colors. Place objects that you want to use beside the walls. It’s easy to change the colors and to see if an object will work with the color scheme you picked out. In the example image, notice how different styles can be conveyed with just a simple switch of the colors and objects.

Now you’ve got a style and a topic for your spa. Find inspiration either on the Gallery or online for examples of how you can build the exterior, and review the Build Guide if you get stuck.
For interior, try to picture how the spa would operate in real life. More often than not, they’ll have a reception area, private rooms where sims can make reservations, gym-like yoga studios, and secluded saunas. Build changing rooms beside places where sims will sweat, and meditation areas in places that are nested in silence.

Whether you’re going for natural and serene, or sleek and modern, you can simplify your building process by specializing your spa, limiting your color palate, and placing rooms with logic. Eventually, you too will be a master builder of all things zen!



Helpful Hints for Spa Details

  • Spas are commercial buildings, so add a small reception area or waiting room near the entrance.
  • Use the bar and counter lights to set up a small shop area to “sell” sims supplements.
  • Create small, private rooms to make it seem like reservations are required.
  • Practice yoga by the pool – the corpse pose looks like tanning!