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It’s summer time! A wonderful time of vacations, parties, trips to the beach, ice cream cones, squirt guns, suntans, swimwear fashion, hot romances, and getting wild! We’ve got the top ten custom content and mod picks guaranteed to add a splash of fun for your Sims’ beach days!

❗ Please note that installing 3rd party content may cause problems with your game. It is a good idea to properly research the use of mods and custom content before putting them into your game.
❗ While EA unofficially supports the modding community, they will not be held liable should any 3rd party content damage your PC or game. 
❗ The content in this article is for information purposes only. SimsVIP does not assume any liability should 3rd party content damage your PC or game. 
❗ Always remember to remove mods and custom content before updating your game




1. Jawsome Ariel Swimsuit by DragonQueen


 As always, we’ll start in Create A Sim where your Sims can find style for their trip to the beach. Or in this case, your Sims can make a fashion statement with morbid taste! The Jawsome Ariel Swimsuit has everyone’s favorite aquatic Disney princess floating unknowingly above a terrifying image of the Jaws shark. DragonQueen originally made this swimsuit for adult female Sims just in time for Shark Week, but it’s sure to be a wonderful conversation starter wherever your Sim wears it! It has its own custom thumbnail in the catalog but doesn’t come in any other swatches.

Available for download at The Sims Resource.



2. Lifeguard Male Shorts by pinkzombiecupcakes



Every male Sim can feel stylish and save lives with the blow of a whistle in these crimson swim trunks. Sporting the red cross symbol not only means that you’re ready for action on the beach but gives a wonderful icebreaker when talking up the ladies and gents at the Tiki bar! This custom content is for male Teens and older, and it has a custom swatch underneath the base game swim knee length swim trunks in the base game. There is only one version of it, and pinkzombiecupcakes also has a matching t-shirt available as well! Don’t worry, it’s not the ocean that will take your Sim’s breath away.

Available for download at The Sims Resource.



3. Leopard-Print Lace-Up Swimsuit by Harmonia

Sims are going wild for this lovely and rather enticing one-piece swimsuit! Compatible with base game, this recolored gem is created with a medium low back hem and transparent lace that is also patterned with the leopard print. Harmonia created four different colors making these the purrfect addition to any Sim’s wardrobe! Is it hot out here?


Available for download at The Sims Resource.



4. Beach Mod 2.0 by SimplyNando

The Beach Mod 2.0 by SimplyNando changes the texture of all of the worlds in The Sims 4. This mod is perfect for #SimSummer screenshots! In fact, it’s so perfect, all of our screenshots this article has this mod enabled! While it affects all of the worlds and adds a custom background including a far off city in the background, this mod is best experienced in Oasis Springs where the palm trees and replaced plants add a natural beach feel to the rocky terrain. The Beach Mod 2.0 adds new textures to the road, replaces cacti into more beach savvy plants, and even includes a Relaxer trait for your summer-loving Sims!

More information and available for download at SimplyNando’s blog.

07-25-15_8-02 PM



5. Dreams of the Beach by Severinka

Severinka has done it again! The Dreams of the Beach set is a Build/Buy collection of 12 objects with multiple different colors on each for wonderful color coordinating. Included are beach chairs, umbrellas with a stand and without, a small folding table, a palette sunbed with two versions of towels to place on the sunbeds, a beach ball, and a variety of clutter with sun creams, sunhats, cocktails, and a fruity pineapple platter! Your Sims will enjoy lounging in style on the beach with a fizzy drink in hand, or taking the time to chat up the lifeguard.

Available for download at The Sims Resource.

07-25-15_12-42 PM



6. TS2 to TS4 – Tiki Outdoor Set & Add Ons by Elias943

Furnishing the outdoors isn’t hard for someone with this object set converted from The Sims 2 Seasons for The Sims 4. Elias943 provides builders with 14 different pieces in this set with a theme that screams “Beach Party!”. A large variety of the furnishings are bamboo styled chairs, tables, seats, and even includes a bar and stools of the same pattern. Included for decoration is a Tiki Idol statue with and without a fountain, straw umbrellas, an object of small candles, and a mini Tiki Idol. Every piece has a large amount of variety for color coordination and decoration making this a must have for any upcoming summer luau!


Available for download at ModTheSims.

07-25-15_2-13 PM



7. Luana Lounge Chair by Lunaarc

As if the previous collections weren’t enough furnishings to decorate your Sim’s poolside, Lunaarc has found herself impatient for an official lounge chair and created her own! Converted from a beach chair in a store set from The Sims 3, this object comes in 6 bright colors and patterns. Despite the fact that your Sim’s legs will clip into the chair when they stand up and sit down, they are able to carry a conversation! Let your Sims prop up their legs, lean back, and join in the latest gossip by the pool. You can even plop them down indoors for a relaxed sitting room. These lounge chairs are certain to bring a colorful style to the sandy beach!

Available for download at their blog!

07-25-15_2-01 PM-2



8. Beach Yoga Towel by akaissims

Speaking of lounging next to the pool, a beach wouldn’t be complete without laying out a towel and taking in a little bit of sun! Along with The Sims 4: Spa Day came the Yoga Mats where your Sim can find their center while laying in a Corpse Pose and letting go of all their stress. Akaissims took advantage of this wonderful pose and object, recoloring them to colorful beach towels! Now your Sim can perform Yoga, soak in the sun and gain Wellness Skill at the same time.

Available for download at Tumblr!

07-25-15_1-59 PM



9. Beach Pose v2 In Game by Dreacia

Not too interested in having your Sim perform the Corpse Pose on the Yoga Mat? Never fear! Dreacia uploaded a pose just perfect for your lovely Sims to relax in. While the pose is installed, just have your Sim do Sit-Ups on the beach towel, and they will do the exact opposite!


Available for download at My Fabulous Sims.

07-26-15_12-26 AM



10. CAS Backgrounds “Beach” by Annett

You don’t have to send your Sims to the beach to get a fashionable photo shoot! Sometimes it’s nice to just have a change from the usual. Annett offers a choice of six background options that include tides on the sandy beach and taking a stroll on the boardwalk. Couple these images with your favorite Create A Sim poses, and you have the perfect lookbook canvas!

Available for download at their blog. Please remember to use only one in your game folder at a time.

07-26-15_12-16 AM 07-26-15_12-39 AM-10
07-26-15_12-42 AM-2 07-26-15_12-43 AM
07-26-15_12-46 AM-2 07-26-15_12-48 AM-9


So whether you’re looking for a relaxing time at the beach or a happening party at the Tiki bar, your Sim Summer will be a memorable one!

07-25-15_2-14 PM-2 07-25-15_1-50 PM

All models can be found on The Sims 4 Gallery!
Keri Bridges by sharipants
Eden Scarlette by Bexenstar
Alex Kenwood by rissaye14


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