The Sims 4: Expanding Homes for Growing Families

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Too Big for Your Build

Have you ever had to put beds outside to fit your Sims 4 family? Have boxes dotted your lot because you didn’t know how to decorate them? You’ve had a successful game, and now your starter home is bursting at the seams. How can you expand your home to tastefully accommodate your budding family? By following these tips, of course! Not only can you make a seamless expansion, but you can also  try other methods to house your family creatively!



Method 1: Stick with Your Style

Most players want to build a seamless expansion right into their home, to make it seem like the home was built that way. While this is a more difficult method, a few tips will make blending easier.


– Use the room tool to play with the home’s original shape.

– Work with the roofing that is already there, or mimic the style when adding roofs.

– Try bringing in an accent color, like the brick, in order to busy-up larger spaces.

– Add hallways when add-on rooms become inaccessible.

The example expansion houses 4 people, but could be mistaken for the previous 1-person starter. Expanding a home, but keeping everything else the same, is an easy way of getting in build practice as well. Try it on the default homes yourself!



Method 2: Embrace the Addition

When expanding real homes, the cost of blending in could be significantly higher than the cost of standing out. Many families choose to emphasize their new addition by choosing materials that stand out from the home’s original design and style, so why not do the same in The Sims? Choose materials that represent a quick installation, like metals and plastics, and choose colors that give your family home an update.



Method 3: Add “Neighbor” Homes

There is no rule that states “One lot = one house.” If you’ve grown attached to your home, and want to just add rooms for extended family members, consider building an annex or neighboring home on the same lot. The lot placement tool makes it easy to move into a larger space, and it can be easier to build a new home rather than cramming the whole family into one big home. Use the door locking tool to make family management even easier!




Method 4: Prepare in Advance

They say that you should dress for the life you want, and not the life you have, so why not apply that to your home? Fancy and large on the outside, not so much on the inside. Be like the hermit crab, and grow into your shell, rather than be caught unprepared. When you download a home off the gallery, there’s always an option of placing it “unfurnished,” which means you can cater the home to fit your lifestyle. (Quick tip: Don’t light up the whole place until you know you can afford the power bills!)



Try the methods above in order to update your old favorite starter, or to practice techniques to use in the future. Working with preexisting homes can be an easy and useful way of learning the basics of building in build mode, and the more you practice, the better you’ll be!