SimsVIP is Heading to Gamescom 2015!

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We are excited to announce that SimsVIP will be present at Gamescom 2015 in Germany! Heading to the event to gather as much information as possible, is SimsVIP Forum Mod (DerMonarch), who will attend a Sims 4 Producer Event on August 7th. This is a behind closed doors event, and there’s a few things to note:

• NO Photography or Video of any kind is allowed at the event
• There is no embargo outside the presentation itself. (We do not know what this means exactly as EA can change things last minute, but we assume that the embargo ends after the presentation)


Big Thanks to Electronic Arts for extending us an invite for the producer event!


SimsVIP will cover the entire week of events, from EA’s Press Conference, all the way through the end of Gamescom’s Sims 4 events. For fast coverage of all things Sims, stay tuned to