SimsVIP’s “Different Codes” Giveaway!
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Simmers around the world have been feeling extra generous lately, and have provided me with codes to give away to our readers! Ready for a “Different Codes” Giveaway? Here are the prizes up for grabs…

Say Thanks to these generous simmers!

♦ (2) Movie Stuff Codes – Donated by Derek & Clay

♦ (1) Fast Lane Stuff Code – Donated by Mate54

♦ (1) Sims 3 Store Adventurous Life! Code – Donated by SimsVIP

Want to win one of these codes? All you have to do is leave a comment below by April 25th, and FOUR random winners will be chosen to receive a random game code! The contest is open to everyone worldwide.
Only one comment and entry per person. Anyone using alternate emails and usernames to enter more than once will be automatically disqualified. Make sure to use a valid email when commenting please!

Sims 3 Store: May ‘Builders Set’ Preview
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The Sims 2 Nightlife Concept Art

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Sims 3 Store: May ‘Builders Set’ Previews

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Rachel Franklin Confirms The Sims 4 @ E3

The 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo will take place June 10th to June 12th, and EA has officially confirmed The Sims 4′s presence at the show. Executive Producer, Rachel Franklin, confirmed this news via Twitter.


Simlish in The Sims 4 is Getting an Upgrade
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In the latest issue of The Sims Official Magazine, EA confirms that the “Simlish” language we all have learned to love, will be getting a pretty awesome upgrade in The Sims 4. Not only have they tripled the voice team to 9 actors, they are also expanding the language to give different age groups their own “dialect” so to speak.



As Simlish continues to grow and expand with each new entry in the series, so does the size of the group of folks working behind-the-scenes to make it an increasingly fun aspect of each game. Starting with only three voice actors in the earlier games, The Simsvoice team has now tripled to nine different actors. A bigger team makes it possible to have a much greater range of choice in how your Sim characters sound when they speak.
This ongoing expansion extends to The Sims 4, which will feature the broadest range of Simlish yet. “We’ve expanded the lexicon, created specific ‘slang’ for different Sim age groups, and placed more focus on object-specific terminology,” said Cameron. “We’ve focused harder than ever before on making each Sim sound unique, and it’s really paying off. The cohesion and attention to detail has really helped Simlish to feel even more like a real language.”



The Sims 4: What a Feeling!
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Via The Sims Official Magazine


One of the core elements of the human race is the power to feel and express emotions. This ability sets us apart from most of the other species with whom we share the planet. Even if we do our best to hide them, emotions can have a strong impact on our actions, decisions and how we perceive those around us and life in general. That’s why it’s no surprise that more realistic and impactful emotions were one of the things The Sims Studio wanted to focus on in The Sims 4.
“Emotions were a natural place for us to concentrate because The Sims 4 is about bringing the experience back to the Sims themselves and really making them the stars that the game revolves around,” said Graham Nardone, a producer on The Sims 4.
Sims have always had emotions and the ability to express them, but even in The Sims 3, you’re not likely to see Sims burst into tears or have other strong emotional reactions unless they’re really pushed to the limit. Even with the addition of Moodlets, your Sims’ moods can be quickly determined by whether their plumbobs are green or red. Extreme sadness and extreme anger basically amount to the same thing. That’s why more expressive Sims are likely to make The Sims 4 the most realistic representation of humans in the series to date.

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Sims Official Magazine Issue 6 Now Available
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Issue 6 of The Sims Official Magazine has made its way to the internetz! This issue also includes a new Sims 4 article titled “What a Feeling”, so head over and check it out!

issue 6


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Sims 3 Store: May “Builders Set” Preview #8
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Look at the windows, they used to look new and shiny, now they’re all boarded up. #Now&Then



Sims 3 Store: May “Builders Set” Preview #7

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Hint #6: The Now & Then Century Manor is the same home set in its prime and then 100 years later. New & old version of many items. Watch for @SimGuruCopeland’s Tweet #Now&Then on Twitter to keep track of all the new & old things!
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Amazon Deal of the Day: $23 Off Titanfall

Amazon has listed a “Deal of the Day Sale”, slashing $23 off Titanfall on all platforms. This is not a sale that benefits The Sims series, but I know there are plenty of gamer’s out there who would love to save big on other games. Game On!




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