Sims 3 Store: May “Builders Set” Preview #4

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What keeps people out while drawing them in? The Forgotten Ironwork Fence is one of the most beautifully intricate fences we’ve ever done. Imagine it wrapping around your mansion or as the entrance to your secret garden.

iron fence

The Sims 3: Business Career Rabbit Hole Concept Art

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Caption Contest Winner!

Apologies for the delay folks! The last Caption Contest now has a winner! Congrats to Thetford for coming up with the winning caption on last week’s photo!

“The Scone Pronunciation debate has claimed a new victim”



Origin Removes The Sims 3 “Plus” & “Deluxe” Games


Not long after EA transformed Origin into a digital only distributor, several Sims 3 games have been removed from the site. The Sims 3 “Plus” & “Deluxe” Games (Base + Expansions) are no longer available for purchase through Origin. In addition to those games, The Sims Medieval and Pirates & Nobles Expansion has also been removed. (Only the Deluxe Edition remains)
It is not clear if EA has just decided to randomly purge these games from their inventory, or if they have discontinued/retired these titles completely. Back in August of 2013, The Sims 3 Katy Perry packs were officially retired, but I believe that had more to do with contractual agreements than purging.
Although these games can no longer be purchased on, they can be found at a variety of retailers. Check your local retailers for availability.



Best Buy (Limited Selection)


Target (Limited Selection)



The Sims 3: WA & Base Concept Art


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Sims 3 Store: May “Builder’s Set” Preview #3
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Via SimGuruTaterTot (yum!)

Today’s hint isn’t exactly a brand new item, but it is going to be included in May in a new, fantastic way  The last time we made L-Shaped stairs they were very industrial. This time they’re perfect for your not so humble home.

l-shaped stairs


Sims 3 Store: May “Builder’s Set” Preview #2
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The new stair attachments allow for a ton of creativity! Here are some additional examples.




Sims 3 Store: May “Builder’s Set” Preview
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CIn May we celebrate Builders with a release dedicated entirely to getting the most out of your creation! Today here’s the first look at the reimagined grand curved staircase from the Sims 2 Mansion & Garden Stuff! These new stair attachments are incredibly versatile, allowing you to create a variety of unique looks.



Site Update: Welcome to SimsVIP 3.0!
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After months of hard work by our talented theme designer Petar from Simhrvatska, I am excited to announce that SimsVIP Version 3.0 has officially launched!
We’ve made plenty of changes this time around, and we’ll continue to tweak the site and fix any issues as we go along. Below is a list of changes visible to our readers:

  • Fresh comment design
  • New comment function
  • Comment and Post Notifications
  • Site is easier and faster
  • Fresh sidebar design
  • Single post design
  • Search bar design
  • Search bar function
  • Newest Post / Older Post (on single post page)
  • Fresh navigation
  • New Fonts
  • Date, Author and Category tags under the title
  • New Sidebar design
  • Single Page design
  • Game Guides Page Design
  • Added News Slider

If you encounter any issues with the new design, please be sure to comment below with a detailed description of the issue you are having, or email us at Within 48 hours we should be able to resolved any initial issues we encounter on the site.

To ensure that you are seeing the version below, press F5 on your keyboard once the site fully loads. If the design does not change on your end using this merthod, clear your browser’s cache and try again.



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