The Sims 4: New Expansion Pack Survey Released

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There is a new official EA/Maxis survey making rounds, asking players to pick and choose their favorites from some possible The Sims 4 content. SimsVIP follower gurlgamer has just sent us over images of this survey, where they selected their favorite “Expansion Pack” ideas for The Sims 4.

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Sims 4 Survey


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Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-29-07 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-29-15 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-29-30 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-29-44 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-30-11 2015-08-08 14.42.28 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-30-15 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-30-21 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-32-12 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-32-17 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-32-21 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-32-24 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-33-36 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-33-43 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-33-50 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-34-22 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-34-27 Screenshot_2015-08-08-14-34-31