The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Starter Home Extravaganza

Are you searching for the perfect home for your new Sim or Sim family?  Search no more, as these homes are custom content free and have everything your Sims will need to get their stories started; homes listed by lowest to highest cost.  Enjoy!

1. Navy Nest by sashraf, §15,565

This quaint traditional yet modern home has an airy living space connecting the living room, with bookcase and stereo, with the study area and kitchen.  The second floor has a spacious bedroom with an easel for your creative Sims and an en suite bath.


2. Calabria by DippyDesigns, §17,554

Southwestern design features with elaborate landscaping and planters for desert gardening make this home unique.  There’s an open kitchen and living area with an easel, TV and bookshelf to help skill building.  The dining room is partially outdoors, offering lovely views of the desert beyond.


3. Desert Retreat Starter by ruthless_kk, §17,681

A modern twist on the southwestern theme, Desert Retreat boasts a master bedroom with easel, guest bedroom with computer and an open floor plan for the living space.  There’s lots of room for entertaining when the welcome wagon arrives!


4. Starter Surprise by KtosikG, §17,963

This fun, funky ultra modern home has a rare feature you don’t always find in a starter home; a pool! The main floor includes the kitchen and living room, with a TV and bookshelf. The second floor is reserved for the master bedroom and bath.


5. A Craftsman Starter by BreeMiles, §18,188

Traditionalists will love this cozy craftsman.  Its picturesque living room with a bookshelf and TV leads to an open kitchen with loads of cabinets and a master bedroom and bathroom. The wrap around porch is a great place to sit and watch the world go by.


6. Vanilla Residential by ColourCrazee, §18,343

The muted colors and inviting layout of this traditional cottage will charm you instantly.  This home has the warmth of comforting clutter reminding you that yes, someone lives here!  The open floor plan helps this tiny home feel larger than it is.  The chess board out front and the TV will help your Sims meet their skill goals.


7. Pennywort Cottage by wrathofcath, §18,472

Welcome to the Pennywort Cottage, where your family will be right at home.  This well proportioned house has rooms and activities for the whole family, from chemistry in the back bedroom to chess on the porch, with simoleons to spare.  Lots of little details help this dwelling feel inviting, including the perfect apple tree in the front yard.


8. Summerside Starter by Thurid666, §19,453

This tiny gingerbread cottage with wrap around porch has a living area with access to the back yard, kitchen, dining room and bath.  There are design details and decor sprinkled throughout each room.  Bright windows let the light in no matter the time of day.  Spend a lazy day on the front porch reading a book, or relax in front of the TV inside.


9. Stone Starter by itguyinsc, §19,821

Half Frank Lloyd Wright and half Will Wright, this Sim fantasy is a great place for roommates to dwell.  The bedroom has two beds, so even if the Sims don’t know each other well, they’ll still sleep in the same room that first night. The living room and kitchen share space leading to the bath.  The pond in the front yard is also a pool, so your Sims will always have a place to relax or exercise.


10. Origins by Kulthero777, §27,990

A grand traditional home, Origins can support a family of four to five comfortably.  The first floor has a living room, kitchen and study; the second floor hosts the four bedrooms and two baths that define this family abode.  With a starting allowance of §28,000, for a family of four, there’s just enough left over to buy a few skill items.