The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Clockwork Creations

Meeting at the intersection of technology and romance, these whimsical locations use pendulums and pinions to flavor the Sims 4 world with imagination.  Each of these custom content free offerings from the Gallery will lull the senses into a Steampunk spell.  Enjoy!

1. Steampunk by Simersity, §71,345 

Enchanting and imaginative, this tiny structured beauty is a wonderful home for the budding explorer.  The kitchen is on the first floor, with the bedroom and bath upstairs.  It’s charming size leaves little unused space, so the violin is an excellent way to pass the time.



2. The Industrial Bakery by sakuraleon, §106,117

The perfect social destination for discerning Sims, this quaint bakery offers comfortable seating and a cozy atmosphere.  The proprietor accommodations on the second floor have a living area, bedroom, bath and kitchen.  The bakery prep is in the cool basement, where a cupcake making machine and kitchen wait.


3. Old Factory Loft by tuna4b, §109,178

Distinctively refurbished, this copper roofed factory ambidextrously transforms from a Steampunk exterior to a Contemporary interior.  The first floor has a living area, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, guest bedroom and computer lounge with long desk and comfortable chairs.  The second floor hosts an entertainment area, complete with television, chemistry set, and bookshelf, flanked by the children’s room, master bedroom and bathroom.


4. Steampunk Home by Sekyria, §141,379

Living the charmed life is easy in this distinctive home.  With equal attention given to decor and science, this little darling embodies the Steampunk way.  The foyer leads to a spacious kitchen, dining room, bathroom and office with workbench, computer and bookshelf.  Upstairs opens to a wide landing perfect for entertaining.  There’s a snug seating area with a television and a stairwell leading to the microscope landing.  The master bedroom and en suite bath complete this gem.


5. Steam Punk House by momochin5122, §182,615

Resembling the always popular airship, this industrial complex is equipped to help intrepid explorers broaden their knowledge of intergalactic travel whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea.  Smoke stacks breath fire under the stairwells leading to both the first and second floors.  The grand entryway on the first floor reveals an open living area with a fireplace, bookshelf and kitchen. Upstairs the master bedroom and study area create the ideal space for rest or quiet reflection.  Includes a rocket launch pad and cupcake making machine.


6. Oh My Goth – Mansion by FrauCeGe, §211,892

Mansion indeed.  This intriguing loft style home is gracious and inviting.  The eclectic use of clocks and copious art accompanies this manor into the realm of steampunkery.  The first floor has an open kitchen, dining area, living area with television, office with computer and bookshelves.  The second floor is open to the first with a grand staircase skillfully encrusted in frames and clocks of all shapes and sizes.  The master bedroom is in the airy loft, with an art corner and piano designed to inspire creative Sims.


7. Evil Genius’ Lair by Dynah, §246,440

Gadzooks!  This evil lair has everything a dastardly Sim would require to acquire the world.  The ground floor holds the greenhouse, science lab with microscope, rocket launch pad and hot tub.  The second floor offers a comfy living area with bookshelves, the kitchen with dining room, piano bar and bath.  The third floor is reserved for the guest bedroom and library with computer and more bookshelves.  The fourth floor leaves the best vantage points for the windows of the master bedroom, with a stairwell leading to a rooftop telescope.


8. Steamworks by Artabanus, §281,023

Grandeur and Victoriana best describe this Steampunkesque abode.  Past the telescope, the stately staircase steers Sims to the entrance featuring a bar and easel; as well as the master bedroom.  The adjacent study holds the prominently placed microscope mid room, with a workbench and plenty of bookcases for research.  Down the stairs awaits the kitchen and dining room, leading into the living area with chess board, piano and cupcake making machine.  The lower level has a large work area with an additional workbench, rocket launch pad, build your own rocket kit, punching bag, kitchenette and bath.


9. Laris Steampunk Home by Larifari2009, §364,232

This home for the diversely innovative and scientific Sim will captivate with its creativity.  An opulent manse surrounded by balconies, a telescope and garden planters, the first floor offers a splendid living area with fireplace, piano, jukebox and bar.  The kitchen and dining room adjoin this grand space with a neighboring bath and laundry.  The foyer’s majestic staircase guides to the second floor, with the master bedroom, children’s bedroom, bath and an additional living area with fireplace, computer and bookshelf.  The third floor is an in-home observatory with bookshelves, geologic samples and a computer.  The basement includes an indoor swimming pool, gym, scientific lab complete with microscope, test tube pedestals, chemistry lab and chemical analyzer.


10. Steampunk Theme Park by luckyheather, §451,675

Shared and once again shared experiences await in this wondrously ingenious park.  No details were spared in making this location a magical moment maker. Sims will be drawn here to mingle with their friends and family while they take in the accessible sites, from airship to merry-go-round.  The park offers many amenities, divided between five interconnected buildings.  The first is a music making room with piano and violin, bathroom, reading area and chess table.  Crossing the bridge to the second, there’s a gaming room with multiple card tables and a movie theater directly below.  In the third building there’s an open seating area with kitchenette, cupcake making machine, refrigerator and an additional bath.  The balcony has a chess table and a staircase guiding Sims to the airship where comfy seating affords lovely views of the park below.  The fourth building has a telescope on the balcony, sleeping quarters with en suite bath, a desk and computer; the downward staircase opens to the bar below.  The last building is the optimal destination for over stressed Sims; a hot tub, sauna and massage table keep everysim smiling.


11. Copperclad Manor by SpecterCody, §560,977

Come one, come all and gaze upon the spectacle of this glorious estate!  Equipped with airship, hangar and telescope control tower, Copperclad Manor is a fantasy to behold.  It combines sci-fi and whimsy with Victorian details that would make any airship captain proud.  This stunning sanctuary features a first floor complete with conservatory, study with computer and chess table, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and parlor with fireplace, television and bookshelves.  The second floor offers four bedrooms, a bathroom and an additional study with access to the side balcony.  The third floor is the master bedroom with television, computer and en suite bath.  Below decks, the basement holds the rocket launcher pad, mission control, complete with computer stations, and a laboratory with microscope, chemical analyzer and chemistry lab.  The back garden has a swimming pool and project shed with a workbench.  There’s also a barbecue and patio set for entertaining.  Tally ho!