The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Dubious Discoveries

Whether or not one is truly mad is subjective; genius and eccentricity can walk a fine line.  The scientifically driven occupants of these creations may or may not be asylum worthy.  Venture into the vagueness and frenzied delirium of mad science within the walls of these custom content free Gallery picks, presented from lowest to highest cost.  Images do not reflect all of the secrets each home holds. Enjoy!

1. Mad Scientist’s Dreamhome by justinbrittain, §204,044

The best sort of experiments are the secret kind.  Conduct covert research in this underground bunker ideal for the dedicated scientist Sim.  The lot appears to have a small building with a telescope on the top, surrounded by a garden with spliced rare plants, a cow plant and a rocket launcher pad.  However much is hidden just below the surface.  The first level basement has a complete laboratory with plants, rock samples, microscope, computer, chemical analyzer, chemistry lab, invention constructor, Electroflux Wormhole Generator and cloning machine as well as a full bathroom.  The second basement is the living quarters, with a full bathroom, master bedroom with bookshelf, guest bedroom with single bed and exercise equipment, kitchen, living room with television, workbench, easel, guitar, bonsai tree and stereo.


2. The Observatorium by KurisutofaaPo, §258,476

View the stars from the rooftop perched telescope of the Observatorium.  The first floor has an open floor plan with a seating area with easel, kitchen with cupcake maker and half bath.  The dining area and barbecue are on the back patio.  The second floor includes a full bathroom, office area with computer, bookshelves, bar, card table, workbench and microscope.  The third floor is the master bedroom with exercise equipment and television.  The wrap around balcony offers a chess table, several garden planters and a rocket launcher pad ready for construction.


3. Old Victorian House by iamkerri, §337,350

This charming dwelling may appear to be a quaint Victorian home, but one shouldn’t judge a home by its floor plan.  Despite having three stories of traditional living, the basement is the happy hideaway of the research driven Sim.  The first floor holds the front parlor with bookshelf, piano and chessboard, eat-in kitchen and full bathroom.  The second floor has a bar with seating, violin and bookshelf, master bedroom, guest bedroom, child’s bedroom and a full bath.  The accessible attic has a television and art storage.  The back garden includes several garden planters.


4. Spooky Samhain by XatDee, §420,415

This sprawling manse may appear harmless from the outside, the home of an aristocratic family perhaps.  However, the things that go on inside may turn your hair white; if that’s the experiment being run by the management!  The first floor has a parlor with piano, formal dining room, kitchen with eat-in area and solarium with garden planters.  The second floor holds the master bedroom with en suite bath, guest bedroom with en suite bath, child’s room and a full bathroom.  The third floor is an attic room with cradle, governess’ bed, castle dollhouse and an easel.  All of these things seem perfectly normal; until you enter the basement.  Below you’ll find the experimental laboratory and asylum.  The laboratory includes a chemistry lab, chemical analyzer and computer as well as a full bathroom.  The open asylum is viewable from the laboratory and houses four wards.  One can only imagine the deeds being conducted there…..


5. Mad Scientist Hideout by DallasJOnes, §522,923

Though crumbling and destitute in appearance, this grand manor still holds some life within; the first floor has a front parlor with piano, computer, chess board and bookshelf, a drawing room with computer and card table, and an eat-in kitchen with access to the back yard where there’s a barbecue, bar,  outdoor seating and swimming pool.  The second floor includes a master bedroom with walk in closet and en suite bath.  There’s a connecting door to the nursery with a cradle and a governess’ bed.  Off the main landing are two more bedrooms and a full bathroom, a child’s room with bookshelf and chemistry set with en suite bath and a teen room with an en suite bath.  The third floor has an attic exercise room with full bathroom.  There are several other rooms on each floor that are in disrepair, some can be explored while others are overgrown and too decrepit to chance.  Down in the basement lies the secret laboratory dedicated to the indubitable pursuit of science; it hosts a Electroflux Wormhole Generator, Elemental Display Rack, computer, chemistry lab, microscope, chemical analyzer, cloning machine, potion room, full bathroom and command center overlooking the rocket launcher pad.


6. Frankensim Manor by Fischio7, §679,118


Named for its most accomplished resident, Frankensim Manor holds the keys to exploring the darkest of the scientific arts; reanimation.  The first floor includes a front parlor with bookshelves, television and chess board, music room with piano and violin, full bathroom, kitchen and dining room.  The rear garden is overgrown with pumpkin patches and death flowers.  The second floor holds the art room with easel and art storage, three bedrooms and a full bathroom.  The third floor hosts the master bedroom, a full bathroom and a workroom with pumpkin carving station and workbench.  Once in the basement, the scientist awakes. Both the first and second level basements are reserved for, and include all the gadgets needed for, scientific pursuits.  The first basement has an open research area with cloning machine, computers, chemical analyzer, chemistry lab, surgery table, microscope, invention constructor, swimming pool and full bathroom.  The second level basement has a complete collection of fossils and geo samples, an Electroflux Wormhole Generator, computers and an exercise room with treadmill and weight bench.


7. For Science-Now As a Home by isitachimi, §697,568

For Science is exactly that, for science!  This home does nothing to conceal it’s discipline; on the contrary.  The exterior fountains glow green at night, illuminating the backyard with nice to excellent plants, a telescope and a rocket launcher pad.  The buildings are separated by function; the first building is dedicated to day to day living, with an open floor plan.  There’s a seating area with television, eat-in kitchen and full bathroom.  The second floor has a seating area with television, card table and chess board.  The master and child’s bedroom share a Jack and Jill bathroom.  The third floor is an exercise room with treadmills, weight bench and a punching bag.  The second building is the laboratory complex.  The first floor has a microscope, bookshelves, chemical analyzer, chemistry lab and Elemental Display Rack.  The second floor has three art easels, workbench, photography corner, bonsai tree, bar and motion center game mat.  The basement is a little creepier, with a Wormhole Generator and high security medical room with cradles, exam bed and surgery table.


8. Hammond Manor by moscow0889, §719,491

Beautiful and formal, this gorgeous estate is ideal for obscuring a bit of scientific tinkering.  The first floor opens to the foyer with grand staircase.  The parlor with piano and easel, guest room, bathroom, sitting room with bookcases, leading to an additional sitting room with card table, sauna, parlor with television and exercise equipment, kitchen, dining room with bar and library with computer, bar and bookcase all surround an indoor courtyard with hot tub and swimming pool.  The second floor hosts a landing with seating and a chess table, the master bedroom with en suite bath and balcony, home office, guest bedroom with computer, child’s room with castle dollhouse, two additional bedrooms with en suite baths, a research room with chemical analyzer, bookshelf, Elemental Display Rack, a bonsai tree and computer.  The third floor has only one room; a rooftop telescope observatory.  The basement has a library with bar, chess table and bookshelf, a hall of antiquities, bathroom and several hidden entries leading to the best kept secret; a complete enigmatic laboratory.  To preserve some of the mystery, the laboratory is stocked with, but not limited to, an invention constructor, cloning machine, workbench and several other interesting items.


9. Sanctorium Sacrificandi by Grekll, §926,792

A sanctuary devoted to the scholarly pursuit of mechanical and natural sciences, this grand manse offers a quiet place to live and learn.  The first floor includes a front parlor with piano, violin, guitar and bookcases, tea room, lounge, parlor with bar, card table and chess board, solarium with garden planters, formal dining room and kitchen.  The second floor holds two bedrooms with en suite baths, two additional bedrooms, a full bathroom and an herbalism room with easel. The third floor has a large library with computers, workroom with workbench, bookshelves and exercise equipment, a laboratory with microscope and cupcake making machine.


10. Resident Evil by CobayanBBQ, §1,402,754

Terrifying science experiments caused this spacious mansion to garner a bad reputation.  Safe within your Sims 4 game, explore and live within these walls without fear of the undead.  The first floor grand foyer has arches to the front parlor with piano, bar, stereo and chess board.  The kitchen has bar seating with the formal dining table in the front parlor with the library and home office with an additional bar close by.  The second floor has four bedrooms and a balcony with a fire pit.  The fourth floor holds the master bedroom with computer, sitting area with television and an art room with easel.  The basement includes an exercise room with treadmills, weight machines, stereo and punching bag with a secret bookcase doorway to where all the zombie magic happens.  The laboratory has several rooms that must be explored; without giving away all the details and surprises, the equipment includes a workbench, chemistry lab, chemical analyzer, cloning machine, x-ray machine, exam table, surgery table and invention constructor.