The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Bewitching Abodes

Designed for indulging the more enchanted side of life, each of these dwellings are equipped with the ingredients for a spellbound experience.  Sims of skillful sorcery protecting the light or dark practitioners furthering the black arts, each will hone their hocus-pocus prowess within the walls of these alluring homes.  Found in the Gallery and custom content free; lots are listed from lowest to highest cost.  Enjoy!

1. The Witch House by AIRIS6962, §39,710

Guarded by a dragon and surrounded by massive tendrils snaking from rock beds, this cottage may appear intimidating; just what a witch or warlock needs to keep prying eyes away.  Accommodating for an entire magic family, the first floor has an eat-in kitchen, office with a lone death flower, and a living area with bookcase and fireplace.  The second floor has a master bedroom, child’s room and bathroom.  The back garden has a fishable pond fully stocked with both fish and frogs.


2. Cosy Witch’s Cottage by tamai187, §50,561

A delightful hodgepodge of elements, this built-for-one cottage is ideal for the single Sim in the pursuit of conjuring skills.  There’s a little bit of everything on the single floor of this angled home; a kitchen area, bathroom and living area with desk computer and bookcase.  The grounds hold a dining area, planters for gardening and a workbench.


3. Witches Hut by pgss146, §54,827

Deep in the forest, only the butterflies and the birds witness the magic within this cozy cabin.  Minimalists will appreciate the careful use of the area within the home; a quaint kitchen with a bathtub and bed snuggle around the fireplace, with an outhouse just outside.  Plants grow wild throughout the lot for a witchy Sim to gather and dry.  A stand alone patio with tables is the perfect place to store collected frogs, bugs and elementals.


4. Witches End by Mamori87, §58,345

Undoubtedly endowed for light magic, this comfortable cottage is just right for the solitary herbalist.  The studio style layout features an eat-in kitchen, living area with bookcase and a bedroom with a single bed.  The back patio has garden planters, and leads to the bathroom outbuilding; it can hardly be called an outhouse.


5. The Witch’s Lair by Tiki5872, §83,162

Nestled amongst the trees and overgrown brambled bushes peeks a mysterious cottage.  The first floor has a living area with bookcase, eat-in kitchen with potion preparatory station and bathroom.  The second floor is the bedroom with a reading nook.  The grounds, despite being tangled, have a carefully groomed garden with dozens of plants just waiting to be harvested.


6. Cottage for Witches by Simsaalat, §98,685

Adorned with detailed angles, this home fits its namesake.  The first floor with an open floor plan includes an eat-in kitchen, bathroom and living area with bookcase.  The second floor hosts the master bedroom and bathroom.  The third floor is a library with computer, easel and several bookcases.  The porch has a card table, and the back garden has a picnic table and garden planters.


7. Witches Hut – Morning by catchingheller22, §100,019

This glorified hut is spooky, with its peaked roofline and meditation garden.  The first floor is designed for magic; a cauldron and bookcases fill the kitchen area.  Through a connecting archway lie the dining room and half bath.  The basement holds the master bedroom with en suite bath and a sitting area with fireplace and bookcase.  The back garden has lots of space for gardening pursuits and a telescope.


8. In the Woods by paogae, §100,421

Whimsical details give this charming home amazing curb appeal.  Not only beautiful but functional, this adorable cottage offers a first floor with a living area with bookcase, eat-in kitchen and bathroom.  The second floor includes two bedrooms and a full bathroom.  The back yard has a dining area seating eight, a barbecue and bar.  Outdoor activities include an easel, a horseshoe pit, campfire, chess table, workbench and meditation stool.  The garden is bursting with harvestable plants of all sorts.


9. The Blair Witches by amesxoxo, §244,331

This Victorian Lady was built with three witches in mind, The Blair Sisters.  Of course any three warlocks or witches would be eager to dwell here.  The first floor has a library with computer and bookcase, eat-in kitchen, living area with television and a bathroom.  The second floor has an entertainment room with television, bathroom, art room with easels and a balcony with pumpkin carving stations.  The basement has three bedrooms and a bathroom.  The back garden has room to add a pool or garden.


10. The Mansion of Secrets by OvejaNegraSimmer, §945,097

A grand manse with elaborate gardens, Sims who endeavor to improve their station in life and their magical standing will thrive here.  The first floor includes a front parlor with piano and bar, a sitting room with an additional bar, a dining room, kitchen, séance room with card table and bookcases, plus a half bathroom.  The second floor holds four bedrooms and two bathrooms, with access to balconies overlooking the grounds.  The third floor has a servants room with bathroom, a hall of mirrors with easel and a work room with workbench, bonsai tree and bookcase.  The basement includes a reception room, wine cellar with bar and a occult or alchemy room with frog and fish collections, chemistry lab, chemical analyzer, Electroflux Wormhole Generator, cloning machine, surgery table and several bookcases.  The grounds hold a garden maze with greenhouse gazebo, chess board, garden planters and a maintenance cottage.