Community Blog: The Wacky, Weird, and Awesome Clubs Made by the Developers

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Clubs Made by Maxis


If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, The Sims 4 Get Together* has a totally new feature: Clubs! We’ve seen some cool Clubs that you’ve made, and they’ve been AWESOME, but in case you wanted some inspiration we asked a few of the developers and SimGurus to talk about some of the crazy Clubs they’ve made.

The Noble Bears (Grant Rodiek)
Requirements: Loves The Outdoors Trait
Activities: Friendly to Everyone, Flirty with the Avant Gardes
Club Hangout: Any Park
Club Outfit: Bear Costume from The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat*


The Noble Bears are a weirdo group of Sims who must Love the Outdoors. We created them because we thought it would be hilarious to have this overwhelmingly nice (but ridiculously strange) masked menace about town.

Blicblock Heroes (SimGuruRomeo)
Requirements: Videogame Skill 2+
Activities: Play Video Games, Don’t Play Arcade Machines
Club Hangout: Anywhere with video games
Club Outfit: Club Hat, Club Jacket

Blicblock Heroes are your local gaming team. They play for sport and not for fun. They take the tournament scene very seriously. They have a back room at the Regicide Bar (which I built, just for them) where they practice for upcoming tournaments.


Order of the Llama (SimGuruEugi)
Requirements: None
Activities: View Art (The only piece of art on the leaders home lot is the Flying Llama Statue), Be Mischievous, Don’t Be Mischievous to Order of the Llama
Club Hangout: Leaders House (There is a creepy basement with a Flying Llama Statue)
Club Outfit: Reaper Gown

Order of the Llama is a secret Club that meets at the leader’s house every night. They all go down into the basement and view the Flying Llama Statue. While they are not viewing there Flying Llama Statue they are being mischievous to the townies.


The Menacing Rascals (SimGuruLyndsay)
Requirements: Kids
Activities: Be Mischievous, Tell Jokes, Play with Toys
Banned Activities: Do Homework

I like giving Kids something fun to do together. The idea of troublemaking but fun youngsters reminds me of lots of books and comics I read growing up.


To Infinity! (SimGuruRomeo)
Requirements: Logic 2+
Activities: Rocket Science, Use Microscope, Use Telescope
Club Hangout: Oasis Springs Park (Where SimGuruRomeo built a secret lab)
Club Outfit: Space Suit

To Infinity! is your local Space Explorers. They hang out at the Oasis Springs park discovering new ways to contact lifeforms from the beyond (which works even better with the Aliens from The Sims 4 Get to Work*)!

Lumberjacks Anonymous (SimGuruRomeo)
Requirements: Handiness 2+
Activities: Woodwork, Drink Bar Drinks, Grill
Club Hangout: Oasis Springs Park (Where I built a Club hangout complete with a Grill, Bar, and a couple woodworking tables)
Club Outfit: Flannel Shirt (I set 5 different Flannel Shirts so they all didn’t look exactly the same), Jeans


Lumberjacks Anonymous love to hang out at the Oasis Springs park. They are a friendly bunch. They are always grilling and the Club hangout is open for anyone to come in and try hot food and ice cold drinks.


The Seasoned Citizens Brigade (SimGuruLyndsay)
Requirements: Elder
Activities: Play Cards, Read, Be Friendly
Club Hangout: Club Leader’s House (Edna’s mostly, she loves floral prints)
Club Outfit: Dresses, Suits & Hats

I created this club because it reminds me of my Grandparents. They always got together with their best friends to play cards & hang out. And I like to imagine them being snazzy while doing it.


So, hopefully that’s got your ideas flowing! We can’t wait to see what ideas you come up with so be sure to share your screenshots and stories with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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