The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


New Year’s Eve Crawl

From Granite Falls to Windenburg, Sims are organizing their friends and family for night life crawls.  Together they’ll hear the clock strike midnight, ushering in 2016!  Serendipity awaits for love and friendship while dancing the night away or sipping drinks.  All of these fine establishments are custom content free and available for download in the Gallery.  Happy New Year!

1. Good Old Time by Fob-commander, §38,316

The spotlight is set to the stage, illuminating the featured performer.  The first floor has a small restroom, bar and seating, with the second floor open to the first with a sofa for those that want a bit more comfort the show.  The basement remains unfinished to be customized as needed.


2. Melbourne Cafe and Bar by liiv1, §63,588

Whether craving coffee and confections or drink and dalliance, Sims will enjoy the ambiance of this charming establishment.  The first floor includes a bakery/cafe with lots of indoor and outdoor seating and restrooms; the second floor includes a bar with foosball table, game table and balcony seating.


3. Rock Lounge/Bar Updated by islarosexiv, §106,601

Good music and good friends make this watering hole a local favorite.  The first floor has a bar with lots of seating, a game table, a stage with a microphone for those funny Sims and instruments waiting for the musically inclined to make them sing.  There’s vending machines in the foyer and restrooms nearby.  The second floor has an additional bar, arcade game and cozy seating areas and is open to the first floor, enjoy the view!


4. The Steampunk Pub by Ikrecic, §130,557

Victorian verve intertwined with industry welcome patrons of this fine pub.  The first floor has a bar with loads of open seating.  The second floor holds an additional bar, DJ booth, game table and restrooms.  There’s a picnic table on the patio outside, so have a seat with friends and enjoy the enchanting landscaping and delightful architecture.


5. The Tempo Lounge by confuzzledone, §150,182

Plucked from a desert resort town, this lively club is open to most any type of party!  Come for the night life, and stay for the wedding.  The first floor has a bar, dance floor and DJ booth.  The second floor has restrooms, an additional bar, various comfortable seating areas, stage with piano, guitar and microphone, as well as a wedding arch and fire pit.


6. The Brickyard by BlissBeaumont, §167,021

With a bit of class, this bar offers dancing, darts, DJ and domicile.  The first floor has a dance floor, dartboards, bars, restrooms and a stage with DJ booth, piano, microphone and guitar.  The back of the bar includes comfy seating, a television and an additional bar.  The second floor houses the proprietor and has a living area with television, bedroom with computer, kitchen and bath.


7. Discotech Glockenspiel by DytchWytch, §194,954

The massive clock tower on this refurbished wattle and daub building acts as a harbinger of the new year.   This pub and club’s first floor includes a bar, seating, jukebox, chess board and restrooms.  The second floor holds a DJ booth, dance floor and an additional bar.  The basement of the first building is a game room with darts, game tables, arcade game, foosball and restroom.  The second building first floor holds a bedroom with en suite bath; the second floor is accessible only from the first building and houses a spacious banquet hall with tables and seating for 22, a chocolate fountain and bar.


8. White Tower Bar by JitsePlaysSims, §205,782

Club lights shine and bounce in the hazy smoke fogged rooms of the White Tower.  The first floor has a bar, foosball and dart board room, sunken dance floor with stereo, stage with DJ booth, piano, microphone and guitar with restrooms in the rear.  The second floor has two additional bars, fish tank, televisions, dance floor with stereo and hot tub, restrooms, and a seating area on the patio.


9. Club Aqua by AndreSchilder, §207,900

Fresh, light decor and open spaces make this club ideal for large groups.  The first floor has a DJ booth with a massive dance floor, constructed with glass tiles, looking down into the basement.  The basement has restrooms, a full bar with foosball, arcade game, and dance floor.  The second floor is open to the first and has a bar, lots of seating, restrooms, and a swimming pool with a Mr. Jumpy Jump.


10. Underground Crush by natesse, §277,617

Candy colors and striking views await Sims above ground, here at the Underground.  Glass towers hold crystal chandeliers  illuminating the jewel toned decor.  The first floor has open seating and art pieces, and a patio with a hot tub, the second holds additional seating, the third includes an azure swimming pool, and a glass tiled floor looking down into the second floor plus balcony seating.  Despite seeming mundane here on the first three floors, don’t be fooled by appearances as the real entertainment is below.  The first basement has arcade games, lots of seating, a fish tank and a spacious glass tiled dance floor ringed by twinkling fountains.  The second basement houses the restrooms, gaming mats, a bar with television, more seating, an additional dance floor and a DJ booth, as well as comfortable seating in the center with views open to the first basement above.