The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Resolution Resolve

Most Sims make a resolution at the start of each new year, challenging themselves to strengthen a part of their physical, mental or emotional well being.  The most common of these resolutions is a determination to become more physically fit, and to spend more time with family and friends.  In an effort to help our dear Sims fulfill their goals, these fitness centers with varied activities will provide the best of both commitments.  All are custom content free and available for download in the Gallery.  Enjoy!

1. Resolution Fitness by seriphinafyie, §109,491

A modern gym facility with architecture that will blend into any of the Worlds, this understated gym will help Sims fine hone their physique.  The first floor opens to a reception desk with computer that leads to an indoor swimming pool, locker rooms, and a punching bag.  The second floor includes treadmills, weight benches and a juice bar with lots of seating.


2. InMotion Fitness Spa by ysj0514917, §149,105

Charming and well organized, this meditative fitness center features a fitness method for every Sim.  The first floor has a reception desk with computer, stereo, bookcase and fish tank, management office with computer and bookcase, locker rooms and yoga studio.  The second floor has a comfy seating area. massage studios, treadmills with televisions, weight benches and punching bag.  Please note that this lot was created from a demolished lot downloaded from c0gle, and is not c0gle’s creation.


3. Newcrest Fitness Studio by Moovita, §152,052

A compact gym for Sims of all fitness levels, this studio has a reception desk, detailed locker rooms, bathroom and an indoor swimming pool on the first floor.  The second floor has an exercise room with work benches, punching bags, treadmills with a television, bathrooms and a seating area.


4. Fitness Glitz by Zita1966, §165,934

Built for single minded Sims with pure training on their minds, this unique center features a boxing ring.  The first floor holds a treadmill room with televisions, weight bench room, outdoor swimming pool and monkey bars.  The second floor has a large seating area and locker rooms.


5. .N.C.-Fitpoint. by larisafari4, §191,334

Accented in olive green, this outstanding facility has a open floor plan that will allow for large groups of Sims to feel like they have plenty of room to move around.  The first floor has a reception area, an indoor swimming pool with juice bar, restrooms, a kitchenette cafe and lots of seating both indoor and outdoor.  The second floor has a juice bar with coffee and tea makers, a bookcase and seating, shower rooms and exercise room with weight benches, punching bag, stereo and treadmills with television, and a dance studio with television and stereo.


6. Pumped & Plastered Gym by avalonniasims, §207,789

Sims will be kept engaged for hours in this fully equipped gym.  The first floor has a reception area, restrooms, cafe with coffee and tea makers, microwave and snack machines and an outdoor swimming pool with fire pit and patio seating.  The second floor holds punching bags, weight benches and treadmills with television.  The third floor holds additional bathrooms, a bar and swimming pool with glass sides wherein the interior of the pool is visible from the second floor exercise room windows.


7. Rising Ohm Fitness Center by Hylo_Valkyrie, §234,730

Fresh design and crisp decor welcome Sims to this accommodating fitness center.  The reception desk greets visitors with a bamboo shrouded fountain and a snack machine.  The first floor includes an exercise room with treadmills near a television, weight benches and yoga mats; continuing through there’s an outdoor swimming pool ringed with meditation stools.  The second floor holds the locker rooms and a balcony bar with seating.  The basement has a boxing studio with punching bags, restrooms, a meditation studio and yoga studio as well as two sauna rooms.


8. Mighty Trouts Gym by Miss_Eudanil, §236,630

With a small footprint, this gym fills a large fitness need.  The first floor has a management office with computer, stereo and bookcases, a punching bag area, treadmill room with television, weight room with weight benches and restrooms.  The second floor includes an indoor and outdoor yoga studio, and the basement has a cafe kitchenette with coffee and tea maker, snack machine, stove and microwave, plus locker rooms with showers.  Outside there’s a swimming pool and hot tub shaped swimming pool, where a hot tub can be placed.


9. Sport7 : Gym, Spa & Bar by Amphetamyne56, §269,681

Bold orange blocks of color stand out against the deep brown of this modern gym.  The first floor has an exercise room with punching bags, weight benches, treadmills with television and an indoor swimming pool.  There’s also several restrooms/changing rooms, a yoga studio and a massage studio.  The second floor holds a spacious cafe bar with snack machine and ample seating choices, plus a balcony with hot tubs.  A small building near the entrance holds a sauna and locker rooms.


10. Mind & Body Health Center by Agape84, §413,955

This earthy, peaceful and green health center features a roof top meditation terrace open to the sky, far above the bustle of the streets below.  The first floor has a reception desk and restrooms, a weight room with weight benches, a cardio room with treadmills and televisions, and an indoor swimming pool with fireplace and meditation stool.  Still on the first floor, the outdoor courtyard hosts several punching bags.  The second floor has a landing with comfortable seating, restrooms, a yoga studio, a meditation/yoga studio and an open terrace with chess boards, fireplace and water fountain.  The third floor includes a bar with at bar seating and leads to the rooftop meditation terrace with benches, meditation stools and fireplaces.  The basement opens to a cafe with tea maker, snack machine and microwave, a seating area with television, and locker rooms with hot tubs, showers and bathtubs.