The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Ceremonial Celebrations

Romance is in the air, commingling with the soft fragrance of early spring blooms.  Sims on bended knee have professed their love and it’s been officially returned with a resounding ‘YES’!  Love has united two hearts and now they’re ready to share their love with their families and the world.  Whether exchanging vows in a gorgeous garden or formal chapel, Sims will set the precedent for a happy life in these delightful venues.  Each are custom content free and available in the Gallery.  Enjoy!

1. Wedding Park by sawdust123, §72,959

Peaceful and distinct, this Asian influenced park is a wonderful way to begin life’s journey.  The wedding gazebo hosts the wedding arch, beverage/chocolate fountain, drink trays, appetizer tray and plenty of seating for guests.  The grounds have restrooms, picnic tables, fire pit, a chess board and winding garden paths ringed by misty ponds.


2. Old Stone Wedding Chapel by sashraf1, §90,441

Charmingly traditional this lovely chapel is ideal for both wedding and reception.  The first floor has a spacious chapel with wedding arch, piano and ample bench seating plus a reception lounge with bar, microphone, dance floor and more seating.  The basement has a bride’s room, restroom, and a playroom for the children with a dollhouse, toy box and bookcase.


3. Barn Wedding by Damsgaard412, §97,199

Shabby chic enchantment awaits at this refurbished barn.  This country charm venue offers an outdoor ceremony with wedding arch and lots of seating for guests.  Red paneled barn doors are shrouded in silky curtains, with lanterns and twinkling lights glittering overhead in the reception area with piano, violin, microphone, guitar, bar, and stereo.  The back room holds the kitchen for catering and preparing the wedding cake.  The grounds have a fountain and additional seating for guests.


4. Romantic Garden Wedding by Genieve2687, §100,087

Cozy and elegant, this location is ideal for a small wedding party.  The first floor has the wedding room with wedding arch and bench seating, the reception room with beverage/chocolate fountain, appetizer table, table for the wedding cake, and seating for the both the wedding party and guests, plus restrooms.  The second floor has a bar, DJ booth, dance floor and seating.  The grounds have chess boards, fountains and bench seating in the gardens as well as ship toy and monkey bars for the children.


5. The Wedding Spot 2 by enzoferrari583, §124,885

Fancifully ornate, this winsome garden is wonderful for Sims seeking something less traditional for their special day.  The petite grounds are dotted with chess pieces.  The wedding arch is hosted by a gazebo and surrounded by candles of various shapes and sizes.  There’s a bonfire with comfortable sofas, a reception table with seating for ten, a barbecue, and bar.  A dance floor is flanked by a DJ booth, piano and microphone.


6. ‘Til Death Do We Part by evelynannec, §127,229

A classic approach to wedding vows, this lovely chapel adds a bit of decorum to the couples’ happy day.  The foyer features fish tanks for lovely photographs, followed by restrooms, and a grand chapel with the wedding arch.  The grounds are reception ready with a dance floor, DJ booth and bar.


7. Chapel of Love by TriciaTurnbull, §131,750

An old English village parish, this chapel will satisfy Sims seeking a blessed approach to their blissful day.  The ivy-covered stone structure features all the details of a functioning church, with the wedding arch prominently placed on the nave near the baptismal font.  Weddings held here have an added bonus of hosting the reception in the basement, where there’s a bar, DJ booth, dance floor, jukebox, restrooms and a full kitchen for making both the refreshments and the wedding cake.


8. Boho Wedding Gardens by sueladysims, §150,555

Bright and bold shades of turquoise and magenta stand out against the green grass and blue sky of this outdoor destination wedding spot.  The gazebo with wedding arch is situated near the back to give privacy to the ceremony.  Once the reception is ready to begin, there’s activities galore.  A movie screen is set up for films, a bar with seating, barbecues, and a complete kitchen set up provide refreshments.  There are chess boards, a game table, foosball, DJ booth with dance floor, bonfire and easels plus a playground for the children with a ship toy and monkey bars.


9. Saint Winden’s Cathedral by MogginC1991, §161,197

Medieval design features accent this beautiful stone cathedral.  The grand chapel is decorated in oil paintings and other antique goods, with the focus being placed on the wedding arch at the front.  The basement reception room has everything needed to throw an amazing party; a dance floor, DJ booth, piano, bar, beverage/chocolate fountain, and appetizer table.  Restrooms are in the rear, as well as a full kitchen for baking the wedding cake.


10. Black and Red Wedding by a13714907, §214,511

Avant-garde styling defines this modern wedding location.  The wedding itself is held outdoors, at the red floral lined arch.  Once the ceremony is complete, that’s when the real fun begins.  The first floor includes a bar, dance floor, DJ booth, fireplace, restrooms and kitchen with a beverage/chocolate fountain and appetizer table on the patio.  The second floor has a piano, photo back drop, foosball tables, restrooms  and balcony seating.  The third floor has a rooftop swimming pool and hot tub.  Weddings here will last a moment, but the party will go on for hours!