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First Impressions

I am a major gardening fan. So much so that this review is late because I was too busy playing around with the garden items from Romantic Garden to write it on time. Sorry, Alexis! My bad!

Anyway, first impressions… Well, obviously, I liked it. I don’t think I really need to state that too much. But, overall, I kinda expected more romance stuff and less garden stuff. I’m not complaining, though; give me more garden stuff and more plants, and I’m happy. So, overall, I was quite happy to see this, and expecting something a little different than we actually got.



CAS Parts


02-24-16_3-55-09 PM
I have to admit I am disappointed this time around. I admit that I did not expect there to be a lot of clothing given the theme, but what clothing there was is kinda… disappointing. The clothing was limited, an the styles are not what I would personally associate with romance. If anything, they seem more like… normal clothes. So overall, I’m just not as fond of these as I could be. But, the clothing isn’t bad, either. Overall, I’m… seriously not impressed.



Build and Buy

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02-24-16_3-28-27 PM

These pictures probably help give an idea of why this review is so late. I was a little busy playing around with plants… Okay, extremely busy playing around with plants. Stop looking at me that way. You knew what this was.

So, I guess it would be redundant at this point to say I love build and buy for this stuff pack? I’m still not finished with those plants either, but they will be finished before the next item comes out; in the meantime, the constant high levels of white flowers remain. And, I must say I love how much they vary in patterns. There’s also some other things, like I think a fountain and possibly a wishing well, but I admit I spent most of my time playing around with these.


So, if you are someone who builds gardens in the game, I would recommend this.



Wishing Well

02-24-16_4-12-34 PM 02-24-16_4-13-16 PM
I’ve loved the wishing well since Sims 2, and I am very happy to see it return. And, that said, this is probably my favorite iteration of it. This one can make you effectively immortal, give your sim a significant other, add ghosts to your family, kill people… And it gives you all kinds of moodlets. I would go in-depth on this, but ultimately the best idea is to check out the handy guide that is on this site.

Ultimately, some free advice? If you don’t want to cheat but want to make a lot of money, this it one way to do it. Give it a 5k simoleon gift, save, and then wish for money. You can get thousands. Thousands every day, if you keep doing this. This could be one of the bigger moneymakers of Sims 4.



Other Interactions

02-24-16_4-14-16 PM 02-24-16_4-14-33 PM
Perhaps the most interesting one is tossing a coin into the large fountain. When I commanded my sim to do it for the test for this review, they gained a point of gaming skill. Not certain if that’s a bug or not. But, keep an eye out for that possibility.


Ultimately, most of the new interactions that don’t settle around the wishing well center around the new fountain. At first I was leery of if this is a good idea, but after playing with it awhile I have to admit it’s fun. Even a single sim can cause some chaos and havoc with it, once others start joining them. Overall, I can see this as being well worth the effort of using over and over again, despite how limited the actions are.




Despite starting out with a rather weak entry in CAS, I have to say this stuff pack ultimately finished strong, with the plants and the wishing well being the true stars of the show. Ultimately, if you are a garden person or just want something fun, I would recommend buying this stuff pack. Now, to get back to that house… I still need to leave room for stuff from other add-ons… Hrm…