The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Altruistic Artisans

Sims are building a better world through the celebration of art, music, gardening, and cuisine.  Whether crafting superb works of art, fine honing writing skills or building workbench proficiency, creative Sims will find an outlet for their inspired achievements in these bohemian influenced abodes.  Ideal for single Sims or couples, each are custom content free and available for download in the Gallery.  Enjoy!

1. Bohemian Beach House by Simone61298, §42,910

Art is scattered about the walls and furnishings of this cozy cottage.  The front room includes comfy seating and a television, the kitchen has all the amenities and a window view from the dining table.  The bedroom and bathroom are in the rear of the home.  The front porch has a bench, the back garden has a swimming pool, barbecue, patio table and chair plus garden planters.


2. Fortune Teller’s Cottage by BrazBane, §44,749

Unique pitching on the roof of this bohemian home adds curb appeal and character.  Bright colors greet you as you open the front door.  The first floor open plan includes the eat-in kitchen and living area with television, bookcase and computer.  The second floor is the master bedroom with easel, en suite bath and access to a sweeping balcony.  The back garden has a comfortable seating area, candlelit, with decorative wishing well planter and garden plots.


3. Bohemian Home by briannajm894, §56,761

Sims seeking asylum from the busy city will adore this cottage.  The interior decor has unique pieces created through an insightful use of MOO.  The front room has comfortable seating for long conversations while the kitchen is the main hub of the home with dining for six, bookcase and a doorway to a private balcony with pillowed chairs.  The bathroom is adjacent to the kitchen, with the bedroom in the rear of the home.  The front garden has a gardening table and garden planters, and the back garden has a work bench and an additional planter.


4. La Bohème by NSProduction99, §66,056

For those settling off the grid, this comfortably art-cluttered cabin is just right.  The open floor plan has an eat-in kitchen, living area with television, easel and guitar.  There’s a half bath near the entry, with a full bathroom adjacent to the bedroom, with desk, in the rear of the home.  The grounds have garden planters scattered about, with a large fire pit for entertaining.


5. Bohemian Micro Home 6×6 by SpringSims, §72,264

Bring the outdoors inside, when your Sim lives in this efficient home.  The open floor plan has a living area with television, dining table for one, kitchen area, sleeping spot, and full bathroom.  The garden is a plant lover’s dream come true; beautiful blooms ring the home and the patio hosts garden planters.


6. Colorful Artists Abode by JukeBoxKitty, §89,090

Mostly mid-century modern on the outside, this home surprises with its boho eclectic interiors.  The first-floor open plan includes a living area with television and chess board, eat-in kitchen with bar seating and formal dining, as well as a sitting area with guitar and easel.  The second floor holds the master bedroom with en suite bath, bookcase, easel and computer.  The balcony has an additional seating area with garden planters.  The back garden has a swimming pool, barbecue, patio set and monkey bars.


7. Artist Lodge by Bexenstar, §89,263

A tantalizing modern twist on typical bohemian design, this exceptional townhome offers a roomy living space with appealing clutter details.  The first floor open plan has a living area with bookcase, television, easel, chess board and guitar.  The eat-in kitchen offers a bar and formal dining for six.  The upstairs loft bedroom has a computer, bookcase and en suite bath.  The front yard has a patio set, barbecue and garden planters; a yoga mat and meditation stool lie at the foot of a tree in the back garden.


8. FreeSpirit Living by Tiki5872, §100,863

Garden planters line the pathway leading to this curtain enclosed open living home.  The patio area is the living space, with two comfortable seating areas and an easel and stereo.  The interior holds the eat-in kitchen, hallway with bookcase, bathroom and bedroom.  The back garden has an inventive chicken coop while the front has a large garden, fire pit, horseshoe pit, barbecue and picnic table.  All the plants are of Nice quality.


9. Boho Treehouse Hangout by Qtchin, §102,979

Fantastically fun, this community destination is situated high in the branches of a strong tree.  The stairs ascend to the balcony surrounded first floor with a large screen television, bookcase, chess board, foosball table, dart board, DJ booth and glass dance floor.  A bed is tucked into an alcove, in case Sims are sleepy but not yet ready to head home.  The balcony holds an easel, yoga mat, meditation stools and a guitar, as well as several comfy seating options.  The second floor hosts a game table, fireplace, kitchenette with popcorn popper and bar, bookcases, guitar, bathroom and balcony with pumpkin carving station.  The base of the tree has several garden planters.


10. Bohemian Lakeside by HPSimmer, §114,137

This country cottage with abundant landscaping boasts glorious curb appeal.  The first floor open plan includes a living area with television and bookcase, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom.  The second floor holds a home office loft with computer and bookcase, art room with easel, and master bedroom with fireplace.  The back garden has a patio with barbecue and dining set. A bench and birdhouse line the path to the gazebo.