The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Cushy Cottages

Springtime blooms surround these quaint abodes, ushering in a chance to hone garden skills and welcome the singing birds.  Cottages are enjoyably easy and convenient homes for single Sims or families and each of these are custom content free and available for download in the Gallery.  Enjoy!

1. Goldenrod Cottage by dannydanbo, §45,133

Welcoming blooms flank the porch of this darling cottage.  The front foyer entryway has arches to the open floor plan containing the living area, with bookcase and television, plus the dining area which seats four.  Adjacent to the dining room is the kitchen.  Also, off the foyer is the bedroom with en suite bath.  The back patio has seating and gardening tools whilst the garden itself is waiting to be planted.


2. Ocean-Side Cottage by ajpl808, §45,998

Adorable style fills this home that is well suited for both land and seaside.  The front door opens to the galley style eat-in kitchen, with the living area, including television and bookcase, nearby.  The bedroom is divided from the living area by curtain, and the bathroom is just off the kitchen.  The garden has yet to be decided, so it can be designed by the person downloading the lot.


3. Cottage by ilahood, §50,702

With a Dutch Colonial influenced roofline and stone lined paths, this comfortable cottage has two stories of comfy living.  The first floor opens to a dining table within the kitchen area, a living area with television and bookcase, and a bathroom.  The second floor is the bedroom with a knick-knack filled shelf and a view of the gardens.  The back garden offers a barbecue, dining set, garden planters and a bird house.


4. Cottage Home 14K by arelien100, §53,630

Lush trees line the front walk of this cozy home with as much to do inside as outside.  The open floor plan includes a living area and kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.  The back garden has garden planters, monkey bars, a swimming pool, and an easel.


5. Sweetheart Cottage No CC by LeenaLass, §58,937

This traditionally designed cottage is large on features.  The front door opens to a foyer with doors leading to the parlor with bookcase and stereo, kitchen with dining for two, bathroom, single bedroom with easel, and master bedroom.  The front garden has lovingly kept flower gardens and a patio with barbecue and dining set.


6. Small Red Cottage by tasiko13, §60,129

Gracious porches wrap around this charming red cottage.  The single floor plan is ideal for a Sim or couple.  The front room has comfortable seating with a bookcase, fireplace, and television, the eat-in kitchen has dining for four, and the bedroom includes a double bed with en suite bath.  The garden has a gated patio with barbecue and dining set.


7. Mulberry Cove Cottage by rowanne3456, §67,602

Absolutely enchanting, this cottage is well groomed with lovely landscaping on the outside, while elegant and luxurious on the inside.  The open floor plan includes a seating area with bookcase and fireplace, kitchen with dining for two, bathroom, and bedroom.  The back garden has garden planters and an easel.


8. Dover Cottage by Audryce, §78,638

A delightful bit of Victoriana in white, this single floor cottage has a front hall which leads to the parlor with bookcase and desk, the eat-in kitchen, a master bedroom, and a bathroom.  The porch work is lovely, featuring an almost complete wraparound porch with several seating areas.  The back garden is magical, with a maze-like path constructed of white rose bushes and daisies, and dotted with a bird fountain and bench.


9. Sandy Run by helleecopter, §113,959

With a gorgeous vine crawling along its exterior, this beautiful cottage offers not only a lovely home but plentiful skill building opportunities.  The first floor has an open floor plan featuring a kitchen, dining table for five, living area with television, bookcase, and computer.  The second floor holds the master bedroom with balcony and the bathroom.  The grounds are quite impressive with a large back garden with fishing pond, yoga mat, meditation stool, chess board, easels, several garden planters, and outdoor seating for six, Sims will never lack for outdoor activities.


10. Fox Hill Cottage by reidmarie, §126,341

Beautiful design and excellent curb appeal make this cottage irresistible.  The front garden has a swimmable pond with eclectic decor surrounded by flowering plants and a cobblestone fence.  The floor plan consists of a front room with fireplace, fish bowl, bookcases, and television, a dining room with seating for four, the master bedroom, a home office nook with desk and computer, kitchen, and a bathroom.  The back garden patio has a barbecue and bar with patio set, with a stocked garden with Nice or better plants in the side yard.