The Sims 4: Modders Release “NoGlo” and “NoBlu” Mods To Improve Lighting Experience

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If you’re looking for better lighting and less glow in The Sims 4, LumiaLoverSims and AronSims have just released NoGlo and NoBlu. These mods remove the “blue glow” that that appears on Sims and Objects even without lighting, and also bring a better lighting experience to the game overall. More details are available in the download links!

This mod aims to fix this and provide a much better lighting experience. We have replaced the blue tint with a dark grey to come as close to real darkness as it can without compromising clarity. We also increased the overall brightness of lights by 40% to make up for the dim, shallow lighting that most lights in game produce.


tumblr_o5axjjCSWy1tjrolto5_1280Download NoBlu

EA uses the same lighting they use in CAS on Sims in-game to make them more vibrant/lively looking and to make them clearer to see in the dark. I am not a fan of this effect because Sims look lit up by a purple/blue light in any lighting condition, even when zero lighting is present. I got rid of that completely and Sims now naturally react to lighting.

tumblr_o5e0kobETL1tjrolto4_1280 (1)Download NoGlo