The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Career Collection

Everyday Sims wake to their alarms, shower, eat some breakfast then it’s off to work.  Days can blend together, heading off to the same building day after day; why not give your Sim a transfer to a new location?  Explore each of these new environments for career success by placing one of the residential lots featured here in your library.  Then, while your Sim is at work, open the cheat window (ctrl+shift+c) and type bb.enablefreebuild, then click Build mode, and place the lot from your library.  All of these workplaces are custom content free, and available for download in the Gallery, so get to work!  Enjoy!

1. Полицейский участок by MssCharlie, §362,070

This state of the art facility has a realistic feel.  The first floor has a large reception area, mug shot station, holding and jail cells, interrogation room with two-way mirror, detective’s area with several desks, and the chief’s office.  The second floor has the briefing room, break room, kitchen, complete lab, sleeping quarters, and exercise room.


2. Windenburg Police Station by Hylet521, §328,944

With a mid-century modern feel, this cozy station has great curb appeal.  The first floor includes the reception area, detective’s area, detective’s offices, and chief’s office.  The second floor has a mug shot area, jail cells, interrogation room with two-way mirror, briefing room, break room, exercise room, and lab.


3. Stonehurst Police Station by jimbohoran1984, §418,901

A more traditional building, this small town station will fit right in your neighborhood.  The first floor has a reception desk, detective’s area, chief’s office, and lab.  The basement has the mug shot area, holding and jail cells, interrogation room with two-way mirror, exercise room, and break room with television.


4. Sim Hospital by maximusprime2090, §278,720

This classic hospital supplies complete care for Sims of all ages.  The first floor has a reception area/waiting room, surgery room, exam room, and exercise therapy room.  The second floor has an administrative office, maternity room, cafeteria, patient rooms, and x-ray room.  The third floor is the children’s ward with child play room/waiting room, nursery, and child patient rooms.  The basement has a morgue, for those that medicine couldn’t help.


5. Llama Memorial Hospital by joshuastein55, §383,525

Avant-garde and brimming with the latest Sim technology, Sims can easily obtain their goals of doctoring greatness.  The first floor has a reception with a waiting room and child’s waiting area, cafeteria with both indoor and outdoor seating, lab, exercise therapy room, surgery rooms ready for maternity patients, exam rooms, and x-ray room.  The second floor has an administrative office, doctor’s consultation room, and gym.


6. Oakenstead Hospital by penny1998x, §499,845

Though the Gallery photos are obscured by trees, don’t give up on this great hospital.  It has all the amenities to push your Doctor Sims to the next level.  The first floor has               a reception area, therapy pool, exercise therapy room, lab, and cafeteria.  The second floor has patient exam rooms, x-ray area, administrative office, and surgery rooms that are maternity ready.  The grounds include an outdoor swimming pool.


7. Science Lab by Zamberly, §72,133

For Sims looking to streamline their career and focus on rocket science, welcome to Science Lab!  The first floor has a one room workroom with chemistry lab, computers, and decontamination pod.  The rocket launching pad is on the lowest basement level next to the restroom.


8. Stars Lab by Chameule, §175,579

Science and fun mix in this workplace.  The first floor has a reception area, administrative offices, and a gaming mat.  The second floor has a gym with foosball table, break room, administrative office, and outdoor cafe.  The basement has a lab with chemical analyzer, chemistry lab, computer, and invention constructor.


9. Science Compound by ehaught58, §278,851

Searching for scientific breakthroughs just became easier with this all inclusive compound.  The facility is arranged within four buildings; the first building has a reception area, chemical analyzer and chemistry lab room, and a computer room with a view into the microscope room.  The second building has an invention constructor, computer, chemical analyzer, and Electroflux Wormhole Generator. The rooftop of this building holds a telescope.  A hallway connects this room to the rocket launch pad building.  Yet another hallway connects the rocket launch pad building to the living area.  The living area first floor has a kitchen, bathroom, and a patio with barbecue, garden planter, and picnic table.  The second floor has a living area with television and bookcase, the third floor has a bedroom with computer, en suite bath, and access to the balcony with easel and chess board.


10. New Science Workplace by Porche8642, §524,053

This state of the art facility is ideal for a research scientist.  The main building, first floor, has a reception area, computer lab, presentation rooms, chemistry analyzer and chemistry lab room.  The second floor has a break room, gem collection room, chemical lab, and gym.  The third floor has a microscope room, computer lab, chemical lab, and restrooms.  The rear building, first floor, has a greenhouse with various plants for sampling, the second floor has a chemistry lab and chemical analyzer.  The rooftop holds a telescope.  The basement has an invention constructor room, cloning machine and Electroflux Wormhole Generator room, and collection room with chemistry lab. The grounds include a rocket launching pad and mossy pond.