The Sims 4: Player Base Grew by Nearly Two-Thirds in FY16

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During today’s Q4 FY 2016 Earnings Call, Electronic Arts’ Andrew Wilson stated that The Sims 4 player base grew by nearly two-thirds throughout the 2016 fiscal year. Additionally, The Sims Freeplay (mobile) reached 200 Million installs life-to-date.

FY16 was a phenomenal year for Electronic Arts. Our non-GAAP revenue, earnings and cash flow for the year were all at record levels and exceeded our guidance. It was a year of growth and milestones, demonstrating our unique ability to connect hundreds of millions of players across genres, geographies and platforms to the games they love, and to each other.


Sims 4 Slideshow

Across our portfolio of live services, we launched hundreds of content updates throughout the year, bringing players deeper into their favorite games. The Sims™ 4 player base grew by nearly two-thirds throughout the fiscal year, and The Sims FreePlay on mobile reached 200 million installs life-to-date.