The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Minor Magic

Create kingdoms of miniature fairytale fantasy with the help of this collection of modernly mythical homes. Each of these tiny conjuring constructs are custom content free and await download in the Gallery.  Enjoy!

1. Teeny Tiny Cottage by Lizilla0505, §16,771

Once upon a time, there was a teeny tiny cottage and inside lived a teeny tiny couple.  Every day they would wake up and eat a teeny tiny breakfast, take a teeny tiny shower, read a teeny tiny book, and then they would do yoga and paint in their teeny tiny garden.


2. Micro Cottage Extendet by Bellaanhelo, §31,257

This sunny cottage can be nestled into the heart of any solitude seeking Sim.  The open floor plan offers a sitting area with television and stereo, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom area.  The living area is extended with the dining set on the patio with a barbecue, as well as an additional seating area.  The grounds are blossoming with flowering plants and include a swimmable pond.


3. Tiny Retreat by GrumpyKitten22, §35,606

Lush gardens surround this bitty cottage containing the basic necessities.  The single open floor plan includes a dining set, kitchen area, bedroom area with bookcase and tablet, and bathroom.  The back garden has scattered rock benches and room for garden planters and more.


4. Tiny Rustic House by KingM30, §37,342

Small living inside doesn’t mean small living outside.  With this cozy cottage, the best of both is represented.  The interior offers a kitchen area, dining area, bathroom, and bedroom area with desk, bookcase, and television.  The lovingly landscaped exterior includes an arbor with easel and bench, a barbecue spot with barbecue and dining set plus a fire pit.


5. Tiny Living Challenge by Xenami, §46,302

Step into this magical castle ideal for a wizard, witch, or perhaps a princess.  The vaulted ceilinged main room is easy to navigate and includes a bed, bookcase, dining set, and kitchen area with a bathroom in the rear.  The back garden has an adorable bird house, wishing well, and pond-like swimming pool.


6. Micro Flower Cottage by ElegantSim16, §55,003

With a lovingly tended front garden, this quaint cottage is just right.  The open floor plan includes a bedroom area, sitting area with bookcase, kitchen area, dining set, and a bathroom.  The grounds offer a reflecting pond and room to customize.


7. Tiny Living Challenge by wrathofcath, §57,250

Perched atop the branches of a tall tree, this tiny tree house has big surprises!  The open floor plan has a kitchen area with stereo, dining area with television and bookcase, bedroom area and a bathroom.  The wrap-around porch offers an additional dining set, chess board, easel, and garden planters with perfect quality grape, blackberry, strawberry, basil, sage, and parsley plants.  Down the stairs lies a charming swimmable pond with bridge.


8. Super Tiny Castle by Simmer_Johanna, §58,834

Climbing ivy lines the walls of this bewitching abode.  The first floor hosts the master bedroom, living area with television and stereo, and a bathroom.  The second floor has an additional bedroom and a balcony kitchen for amazing views.  The grounds are tastefully landscaped with a rock lined swimmable pond and loads of room for gardening or other hobbies.


9.  Tiny Fairytale Castle by riotgrrll, §71,525

Featuring an enchanting garden and clock tower, this adorable castle welcomes royalty.  The front room has a dining area, living area with bookcase and television, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.  The back garden has a serenely ringed floral garden with chess board, a fountain in the front and a wishing well on the side yard.


10. Gothic Tiny Castle by Sinister-lullaby, §125,385

Thaumaturgy is obviously practiced behind the gates of this impressive castle.  The first floor holds the kitchen, dining area, and sitting room with bookcase, chess board, and computer.  The second floor is the master bedroom with en suite bath and balcony with easel.  The elaborate garden offers several fountains, a wishing well, and seating areas.