The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Kids Kickoff

Child Sims everywhere are celebrating the release of the Kids Room Stuff pack.  Fun kid friendly creations highlight the fresh play experiences and game objects that offer a whole new level of childhood memory making; not all the homes featured here contain the new content, but all of them focus on the kids!  This selection of kidtastic lots are custom content free, available for download in the Gallery, and listed from lowest to highest cost.  Enjoy!

1. Kid’s Puppet Theater Park by SimDoughnut, §52,375

Practice performing for the community in this unique and complete puppet stage.  The grounds include a Voidcritter battle arena, chess boards, monkey bars, barbecues, and lots of seating with restrooms in the rear.  The stage offers a back stage area with stereo, bookcase, closet, and toy box; a basement with pirate ship exists, but the kids can’t quite get there….A wonderful outing for the whole family! Note: To use the fountain, please use the bb.moveobjects on cheat when placing this lot.


2. The Void Toy Shop by MsJones, §88,281

Filled with everything to make a child cry, ‘Pleeeease Mom!’, this fun and functional toy store is a one stop shop and play experience.  Buy toys, electronics, and those hard to find collectible Voidcritter cards.  Once your child has their new cards in hand, train the critters in the fountain ringed battle arena behind the store.  The back area isn’t just for the kiddies; there’s a stereo, seating, and cooler with drinks for the parents.  This lot is a reimagining of the original creation, Electronics Shop by Juliarbauer22.


3. Traditional Essence- No CC by youtubiana, §85,560

Charming and quaint, this family home has just enough space for a family of five.  The single story home has a living room with television, fireplace, and computer, a boy’s room with two twin beds, a girl’s room with stereo, bathroom, master bedroom, kitchen, and dining room.  The back garden has monkey bars, a patio with barbecue, dining set, and garden planters.


4. Natural Modern by xoJETox94, §147,587

A beautiful home for any family, the first floor of this gorgeous modern holds the living area with fireplace, dining area, kitchen, sitting room with television, and bathroom.  The second floor hosts the landing looking down into the first floor and includes a home office area with computer, yoga mat, and bookcase, master bedroom with en suite bath and private balcony, bathroom, and girl’s bedroom with computer, toy box, and bookcase.  The back garden offers a patio with barbecue, bar, and swimming pool with dive stand.


5. Three Cypress by kokonitos, §156,447

Family life is well lived in this cozy two story home.  The first floor has an open floor plan including a living area with television, bookcase, elemental display rack, and jukebox, kitchen, dining area, bathroom, boy’s room with toy box, and girl’s room with bookcase; both have desks for homework.  The second floor has a home office with computer and bookcase, and the master bedroom with en suite bath.  The second floor balcony offers lots of family fun with a hot tub, massage table, meditation stool, lots of comfy seating plus a kid’s area with puppet theater, Voidcritter battle arenas, kid’s game table, and toy box.  The grounds are tastefully landscaped and include a deck with easel and a swimming pool.


6. Maison Moderne by Enelerah, §178,076

This unique abode has a modern exterior and contemporary interior decor.  The first floor has a sitting room, eat-in kitchen, bathroom, living room with television, bookcase, and easel.  The second floor has a landing, open to the first floor, home office area with computer and piano, a girl’s room with bookcase, master bedroom with television, en suite bath, and private balcony with massage table and meditation stool.  The back patio offers a fireplace, barbecue, and bar with ample seating.  A swimming pool is near the front and garden planters dot the front walkway.


7. Kids Friendly by Diomx, §221,917

Nestled in the heart of suburbia, this sprawling ranch home has everything for big family skill building and fun.  The entry way leads to an open floor plan concept including a living area with television, guitar, jukebox, and microphone, eat-in kitchen with dining set and kitchen island seating, two bathrooms, garage area with workbench, pumpkin carving station, chess board, dart board, and exercise area with weight bench and treadmill.  The bedrooms include a girl’s room with two twin beds, dollhouse, bookcase, violin, and child’s art desk, a boy’s room with two twin beds, chemistry set, computer, bookcase, toy box, art desk, and violin, a nursery with two cradles, and a master bedroom with fireplace, bookcase, computer, and en suite bath.  The back garden extends the entertainment possibilities with a barbecue, bar, lots of seating, stereo, easel, pirate ship, monkey bars, bonsai tree, yoga area with yoga mat and meditation stools, and a swimming pool with dive stand.  Despite having so much to offer, there’s still room for the new objects to be added and to make this a true paradise for the kids!


8. Home Sweet Home by ChelsiLynne21, §228,112

For those that haven’t installed the new content yet, this quintessential family home has all the essentials for a growing young family.  The happily busy interior lends itself to that of a bustling family with at least two children.  The first floor has a living area with bookcase, television, stereo, easel, and chess board.  The sun room has a computer, workbench, and pumpkin carving station.  A bathroom is adjacent to the kitchen and dining room.  The second floor has a bathroom, nursery with toy box and bookcase, family entertainment area with television, computer, and bookcase, a tween or teen bedroom with television, stereo, and access to private balcony with seating.  The master bedroom with bookcase and television is across the hall.  The home is ringed with flower beds and garden planters, and a back patio offers a barbecue, seating area, stereo, patio dining set, and fenced swimming pool.


9. Remmington Way by xovalee, §241,710

Contemporary and comfortable, this home happily houses a family of six.  The first floor has a living room with bookcase, fireplace, television, and stereo, home office with computer and bookcase, eat-in kitchen with island bar and dining set, formal dining room, yoga room with yoga mat and meditation stool, master bedroom with bookcase and en suite bath, half bathroom, and guest room with en suite bath.  The second floor has a playroom with dollhouse, arcade, toy box, and balcony with child’s game table.  Across the hall is the girl’s bedroom with two twin beds, computer, and guitar, a Jack and Jill bathroom, the boy’s bedroom with two twin beds and bookcase.  The back garden has a patio with easel and bonsai tree, a pond with fountain and garden planters.  A gate opens to a fenced children’s play area with pirate ship, monkey bars, and telescope.  A fenced pool is in the rear corner with dive stand.  The side yard offers a movie viewing area with big screen television, comfy seating, barbecue, popcorn maker, and patio set.  A converted garage/shed offers a bathroom, and home gym with weight bench, treadmill, and punching bag.


10. Kidz Fun Zone by MzHicks, §275,685

Bring the whole family to this interesting and interactive museum experience.  The first floor has an art area for young artists, plus an easel for adults, child’s violin, toy box, several well designed displays, puppet theater, a snack bar with ice cream maker, refrigerator, and microwave, as well as a pool with Jump-and-Splash in the rear.  The second floor has an entertainment corner with television and stereo, a reading center with bookcase, children’s chemistry tables, computer and desks, battle arenas for Voidcritters. and restrooms.