The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Campsite Cavorting

Everysim loves some time away exploring nature and leaving the stresses of everyday life far behind.  Come spend the day, or the weekend, playing and chatting at these uniquely fun and relaxing woodland spots.  Each of these summer memory makers are custom content free and available for download in the Gallery.  S’mores!

1. Back to Basic by Arelya, §12,000

This splendidly simple campground includes a tent, shower, sink, easel, fire pit with comfy seating, guitar, workbench, stereo, game table, bookcase, barbecue, fishing pond, and garden planters waiting to be cultivated.  Spend time with family or friends getting back to the essentials and honing some skills.


2. Little Granite Falls by simjudie, §14,215

Designed for a desert location but at home in the grasses of suburban life, Little Granite Falls is a National Park lot that allows for day visits and overnight stays without those pesky rental fees.  Activities include a horseshoe pit, chess board, game board, guitar, violin, and two fire pits.  Barbecue, cooler, tent and restrooms fulfill all the other needs.


3. GoNe FiShiNg by kikilings, §21,415

Every detail has been taken into consideration within this cabin excursion.  The dusty cobweb cornered cabin includes an airbed, cot, bathtub, refrigerator, and dining set with more seating and a guitar on the porch.  The outhouse holds the toilet and a pump hand sanitizer…watch out for spiders!  The grounds offer a fish cleaning station with sink, barbecue, fire pit, and cooler.  Decorative elements make this lot stand out; a fishing boat with rods, a truck, and supplies are fun surprises.  Please note that the cheat bb.showhiddenobjects should be activated.


4. Little Pond Camp by ropodog, §26,350

Flanked by a charming stone lined pond, this campsite is ideal for small groups and families.  The grounds include three tents, restroom with shower, game table, fire pit, chairs and cooler next to the pond, and barbecue grills.  As this is a National Park location, no reservations required!


5. California Camping by Kaithleen007, §27,823

Aptly named, this campsite welcomes you into the forest with tables preset with yummy food.  The campground is divided into three separate camping areas with several community areas.  The red campsite has two tents, shower, fire pit, barbecue, cooler, and picnic table.  The blue site has a tent, barbecue, cooler, fire pit, and picnic table.  The green site has a tent, barbecue, cooler, and picnic table.  The community spots include a swimming hole, potty ready bushes, horseshoe pit, and fire pit.


6. cave camp 동굴캠프 by ttten10, §34,763

Take a weekend getaway to this intriguing cave dwelling.  An arched doorway opens to the cave itself; a secreted hideaway with a tent, shower, guitar, cooler, fire pit, magazine, and book, plus fresh fruits and veggies. The grounds have a rock ringed swimming pool with a waterfall streaming down the side, fertilizable bushes, plus various harvestable trees and plants.


7. Campsite Riverview by Quarree, §77,632

With so much to do, this campground will draw in the neighbors and keep them chatting and playing the weekend away.  The grounds have activities galore including a dining area with picnic tables and barbecue, swimming pool, chess board, game board, horseshoe pit, kid’s area with monkey bars and pirate ship, plus the main camping circle with six tents, coolers, guitar, and fire pit with lots of seating.  The travel trailer style restrooms are charming and offer bathrooms and showers.  Sim children that don’t want to walk all the way to the bathroom can use the handy potty bush by the swimming pool.


8. Forest Park by Julchens77, §91,087

An adorable park with loads of fun, this location will entertain both young and old.  The campground opens to a trail winding through the different sections of the park with various harvestable plants sprinkled about.  The front has an office area for mock check-ins with computer and bookcase, a dining spot with picnic tables, barbecue, refrigerator, and vending machine.  Along the path are three cabins, each identified with a mounted fish sign and include beds, bookcases, and fireplaces.  Additional accommodations can be found in three tents situated around a fire pit.  Nearby is a wishing well, which is a unique feature in a camping spot.  Restrooms include showers, and if the toilet is occupied one can make use of the fertilizable bush adjacent.  The slightly neglected swimming pool with dive stand is the center attraction; other activities include a chess board, horseshoe pit, children’s play area with monkey bars and pirate ship.


9. Camp Sunshine by Mairax3, §127,018

Summer camp can be daunting for some children, but if their parents are accompanying them to Camp Sunshine, they’ll be nothing but smiles!  The main lodge holds an eat-in kitchen with dining table, a bathroom, a landing with bookcase, bedroom with two twin beds, and a bedroom with full size bed.  The grounds offer four tents for the campers, a swimming hole with dock and fountains, two sandboxes with collectibles and toys, a playhouse, two sets of monkey bars, a pirate ship, horseshoe pit, dining area with picnic tables, fire pit, barbecue, and a picnic blanket with cooler.


10. Camping Grounds Family by Seekirsche,  §139,772

Searching for a summer vacation campground with lots of entertaining activities?  Look no further, for this lovely campsite has it all.  The grounds offer three tents with cozy seating and coolers for overnight visits, a comfortable dining area with bar, dining table, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, sink, and barbecue.  Plenty of harvestable trees and plants dot the property, and these plants are of Magnificent or higher quality.  The bathrooms are housed in cabins and include toilets and showers; one includes a bathtub.  Need to use the potty and they’re all occupied?  Fertilizable bushes are just down the path.  Several fun options are available on the grounds; a DJ Booth near a fire pit, guitars, punching bag, gaming rig, bonfire, moss filled swimming pool, a wishing well, art instruction area with children’s art desks and an easel, and monkey bars.  The community areas encourage campers to get to know their neighbors.  Whether staying a day or staying a week, Sims will leave stress behind and enjoy the great outdoors.