The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Beachy Digs

Sandy shores surround these oceanfront dream homes.  Bring vacationing into the every day with these architecturally varied surf line structures designed for the beach, but at home in the desert or suburbia.  Each are custom content free and available for download in the Gallery.  Enjoy!

1. Beach Shack by miradander, §49,401

Listen to the soft rhythm of wind chimes while sipping a drink on the porch of this charming coastline shack.  The front room has a living area with television and stereo, a bed, and a kitchen area; the bathroom is in the rear.  The grounds include a bird feeder, garden planters, a bonfire, and an amazing natural feeling rock ringed swimming pool.


2. A Lot Better Than Oops by Mircza, §52,069

By placing the main living areas on the second floor, this beach home takes advantage of the amazing views.  The ground floor holds a bathroom, home office nook with bookcase and computer, a child’s room with toy box, and the master bedroom.  The first floor has a living room/dining room, kitchen, and half bathroom.  The balcony has a dining set with drink tray, wall mounted stereo, and easel.  The grounds include a barbecue, dining set, and seating; stringed lights cast a glow at night.  Note that this lot was created from the shell, Oops, by bethesdad.


3. Summer House by sara_sardine, §52,333


A darling stilted dandy, this cottage with wraparound porch is just right for a small family.  The front room has a living area with television and an eat-in kitchen.  The bathroom is just off the living area with the master bedroom across the hall and the second bedroom with single bed and bookcases next door.  The back porch extends the living space with a barbecue, patio set, and cozy seating area to watch the birds visit the birdfeeder.


4. Bachelor’s Beach Pad by airuhka, §58,209

A simple, many windowed beach front bungalow lets in the light.  The open floor plan includes a living area with television and bookcase, kitchen area, master bedroom and bathroom.  The front porch offers amazing views of the sea, and the yard has a fire pit.


5. Beach House by yoda65, §88,321

Oceanfront weather ready, this stilted fun in the sun location will remove the words, “I’m bored”, from the mouths of Sim children and adults alike.  The home includes an open floor plan; living area with television, home office area with desk, tablet, and bookcase, plus kitchen with at bar seating, bathroom, child’s bedroom with toy box, and master bedroom.  The balcony has a barbecue, dining set, and game table.  The grounds have so much to do!  A massive swimming pool grabs the attention; other activities include a pirate ship, monkey bars, horseshoe pit, garden planters, bar, fire pit, tent, cooler, yoga stools, and a shower/bathroom in case Sims don’t want to go up to the house.


6. Beach Bungalows by Little-T-Ham, §93,095

Inspired by the Sims 3 Island Paradise, this trio of tidy rentals offers living space for three singles or couples.  All are the same in layout, varying by decor.  The first floor has an open floor plan living area with television, bookcases, and eat-in kitchen.  The second floor is the bedroom, with a bathroom.  The grounds include a swimming pool, and have lots of space for customization.


7. Tiny Chic Beachside Loft by mrs_guite, §96,696

Gorgeous both inside and out, this charming modern yet traditional home isn’t lacking for a single thing.  The first floor has an open floor plan including living area with television and bookcase, eat-in kitchen, and bathroom.  The living space is extended by the back patio which has a hot tub, bar with comfy seating, outdoor stereo, barbecue, and dining set.  The second floor is the bedroom and has access to two balconies; one with an easel and one a home office area with computer.  Plants flourish throughout the decor and vine along the walls.


8. Beach House Retreat by b0nny_bonbon, §102,046

Bring the shoreline to the front door with this wraparound porch retreat featuring an enormous rock-lined swimming pool.  The home has an open floor plan including living area with television, bedroom area, kitchen area, and bathroom.  The yard has a barbecue, dining set, chaise lounges, and garden planters.


9. Beach Front by sharonsauer, §111,537

Standing ready for rough weather on its stilts, this gorgeous home is an excellent permanent residence or the perfect getaway.  The ground floor holds a small room with treadmill and easel.  The first floor has a large balcony with barbecue, bar, and dining set; the home itself includes a living area with fireplace and television, a kitchen with at bar seating plus a dining table, a reading nook with bookcase, a bathroom, a bedroom with double bed, and the master bedroom with en suite bath.  The second floor has a loft home office area with computer, guitar, and bookcase, as well as a bathroom and a child’s room fit for a boy and a girl. The fenced grounds have a large swimming pool, yoga mat, yoga stool, and fire pit.


10. Tiny Island by lisi_ja, §116,114

Being landlocked by a fishable swimming pool never looked so good.  This tiny home’s single room holds a bed, computer, television, bookcase, guitar, and wall mounted stereo.  There’s a kitchen nook and bar seating for one, as well as a bathroom.  Behind the makeshift raft, there’s a dining set with hot dogs (ready to eat) and a barbecue.  A large bonfire is in the front, and the other side has garden planters and an easel.  Now then, where’s Wilson?