The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Happening Hangouts

One of the most enticing features of the Sims 4 is the ability to make and nurture compelling friendships, so finding the best place to spend a few hours encouraging relationships and establishing clubs is half the fun.  Each of these custom content free locations are excellent foundations for interesting interactions and are available in the Gallery for download.  Enjoy!

1. Jungle Beach Party by GilmoArt18, §50,543

Uniquely entertaining, this beachy Tarzan themed lot includes a main building with buffet style eating and kitchen facilities on the first level, and a dance floor and DJ booth on the second level.  The grounds feature a bar with loads of seating, a swimming pool with dive stand, a photo studio, and bonfire.  Looking for restrooms?  Those are in the back…blooming.


2. Kid’s Club by GuiFDomingues, §57,735

Let imagination loose at this tree house style kid’s neighborhood dream location.  The fun and whimsical three level clubhouse first floor has a reading room, chess board, and dresser.  The second floor includes a deck with two art tables, a picnic table, and two coolers; a bathroom, and a fun room with toy boxes and lots of storage shelves.  The third floor upper deck has a chemistry set and a game table.  The grounds offer lots more good times with a horseshoe pit, two dollhouses, a fire pit, fountain, monkey bars, dance floor, stereo, and tents.


3. The Old Factory by Veilev, §109,120

Scientists unite!  This old converted factory is an ideal spot for growing in understanding.  The first floor has a large lab with microscopes, a chemical lab with chemistry tables and chemical analyzers, and restrooms.  The second floor is an inviting cafe with lots of comfy seating and a coffee/ bakery bar, bookcases, and a computer.  The grounds are elaborate with sculptures, telescopes, and fenced in rocket launcher pads.



4. Date Night by Jordan_Aslett, §112,641

A perfect night out with that special someone has been created by design.  The first floor of this mixed location is a bar/lounge with bar with kitchen facilities, booth seating, buffet style menu and chocolate fountains, restrooms, and a dance area with stereo.  The second floor has a movie screen, popcorn maker, and chocolate fountain.  A sauna with a fish tank is adjacent to a bedroom in the rear.  The patio extends the romance with a hot tub, closet, and seating area.


5. The Little Latte Cafe by PaSimmerday, §115,698

This adorable cafe is a wonderful place to spend some quality time.  The outside has patio area with umbrella covered dining tables, while inside there’s a dining area with bakery/coffee bar, restroom, a full kitchen, loads of seating and nooks for chatting.  The second floor has a seating area with bookcase and vending machine, restroom, and private room with more seating and a stereo.


6. The Pimpin’ Computer Lab by Elizzams, §126,884

Tech lovers unite under the roof of this modern building.  The first floor has restrooms and a computer bay with eight computers and a stereo.  The second floor is open to the first and has a bar, seating, kitchenette, and a balcony with additional seating and a chess board.  The grounds include a bonfire, barbecue, and umbrella covered seating.


7. “Green Thumb” Club House by Sulucorp, §127,092

Enchanting gardener’s from far and wide, this whimsical cottage will entertain garden clubbers for hours.  The main house features a full kitchen with bar, sitting area with stereo, indoor garden center, parlor with fireplace and foosball, and a restroom.  The grounds are stunning with several garden planters, gardens, a murky swimming pool with dive stand a small greenhouse, and a back patio with additional seating.


8. Huntsman Square by kerplunk107, §129,757

A quiet afternoon can be spent at this enchanting city spot dining near the fountain, playing horseshoes, and listening to someone strum the guitar.  The first floor of the main building is a coffee/bakery bar, and the second building first floor is the restroom.  The second floor of the main building has a landing and bridge that take guests to the wedding arch and guest seating above the restrooms.


9. Fuchsbau All-in-One by MissSimly, §131,419


There’s something for everyone at the Fuchsbau.  The first floor has a coffee bar, foosball, and game table, with restrooms adjacent.  The second floor has a movie watching nook with bookcase, a bar, and a dance floor with DJ Booth.  The grounds offer outdoor parties and fun with a pergola speckled with bean bag seating, a DJ booth, dance floor, picnic tables, fertilizable bushes, and a bonfire.


10. Museo Club by Nany_Scorpio, §231,246

Feed creative senses at this modern museum and club.  The first floor has an art gallery on one side, with the other side empty for showings of up and coming artists.  The second floor has unique sculpture and curio displays as well as restrooms.  The third floor is the artists’ club with a bar, dance floor, photo studio, easels, foosball, workbench, and stereo.  The grounds have fountains, statues, easels, and a coffee bar.