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The latest Sims 4 Game Patch has added brand new content to the game that allows Sims to celebrate the “Day of the Dead”. This post highlights the new CAS and Buy assets, as well as the festivities and gameplay features now available in The Sims 4.


Create-a-Sim Additions

Female Adult/Teen/Elder – 1 Hairstyle, 1 Outfit, 3 Face Makeup Designs

Female Child – 1 Outfit, 1 Face Makeup Design

Male Adult/Teen/Elder – 1 Hat, 1 Outfit, 2 Face Makeup Designs

Male Child – 1 Outfit, 1 Face Makeup Design

09-29-16_2-55-56-am 09-29-16_2-45-38-am 09-29-16_2-45-45-am 09-29-16_2-46-13-am


Build/Buy Mode

The new patch brings some brand new decorative objects available for Sims to decorate their homes with. The following wall hangings, table, candles, and sculpture can be found:


day-of-the-dead-1 day-of-the-dead-3 day-of-the-dead-4
day-of-the-dead-5 day-of-the-dead-2 day-of-the-dead-6

In addition to the objects listed above, there is also a variety of Sugar Skull collectibles and a Sugar Skull Display Case. These objects are connected to the upcoming Day of the Dead Challenge and are further explained later on in this post.



New Recipe

The Day of the Dead patch adds a brand new Level 1 Cooking Skill recipe called “Pan de Muerto”. Use the Cook interaction on a stove or fridge to have your Sims create the dish.



Day of the Dead Challenge

Based on hints within the game code after the latest Sims 4 game patch, Jasmine Holiday will return to the game once again for the “Day of the Dead Challenge”. This challenge will allow your Sims to collect Sugar Skulls in order to complete the Sugar Skull Collection and unlock brand new Day of the Dead interactions. The Day of the Dead challenge has not yet officially launched, but you can still participate and complete the challenge right now. Check out our Day of the Dead Challenge Guide for more information.