The Sims 4: Modder Unearths Terrain Manipulation (April Fools’)


UPDATE: This article was written as an April Fools’ Day joke. šŸ™‚

Community modder and custom content creator, flakyvela, has unearthedĀ (unfinished) terrain manipulations that came fromĀ the latest Sims 4 Game Patch. After playing around with the files for a few days, she was able to customize the terrain of a home:Ā 

From flakyvela: I literally was able to bring the ground up from under!

There is obviously no reason to believe this post since today is April Fool’s Day, but we thought that this would ruffle a few feathers and poke some fun at something we know is dearly wanted in the game. Big thanks to the always awesome TwistedMexican for providingĀ this believable image for the purpose of this post. šŸ˜€