The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Ballistic Bowling

The Bowling Night Stuff Pack brings together friends, food, and fun, the three ‘F’s to remember when playing the lanes.  Round up the gang and head out to one of these bowling hot spots that will fit in with any neighborhood.  Each delightful location is custom content free and available for download in the Gallery.  Strike!

1. Bowl-A-Ramma Bowling by Krystinmyriexo, §63,632

Big fun comes in a small package with this bright bar featuring three lanes of bowling, a bar, lounge area, bathrooms, and arcade.


2. Rollin’ Bowlin’ Bar by Allevatte, §91,176

This fun and funky bar includes four lanes of bowling, a bar, a dining area, and bathrooms on the first floor.  The second floor has a dance floor, DJ booth, and arcade.


3. Bowling Fever by Costa, §98,605

A single story of strikes, this nightclub offers four lanes of bowling, a bar, a dance floor, bathrooms, and several lounge areas.


4. Strike Zone Bowling Alley by BobbingForPlums, §98,618

Versatile and lots of fun, this bar has four lanes of bowling, a bar, a bubble blower, an arcade, and a complete kitchen.  Hire staff and serve up the full bowling diner experience.


5. The Hot Pepper Lanes Bowl by Lyrens35, §126,614

A revamp of the Old Salt House, this awesome nightclub has two floors of fun.  The first floor has a bar and lounge area, bathrooms, and three lanes of bowling.  The second floor has a dance floor, DJ booth, a bar, and bathrooms.


6. Cry Baby Bowling by Angerouge24, §173,614

Karaoke night is on at the Cry Baby.  This spacious location offers two floors; the first floor has three bowling lanes, two karaoke stages, a bar, several lounge areas, and a bathroom.  The second floor has four bowling lanes, a karaoke stage, a dance floor, a second bar, lots of seating, and a bathroom.


7. Netherworld Bowling by dannydanbo, §185,012

Vampires love bowling, too.  This lounge masquerading as a graveyard has a crypt with a coffin; stairs secreted behind that lead to the first basement including arcade games, foosball tables, bookcases, and bubble blower.  A lower basement holds a bar, small stage area with piano and microphone, and five lanes of bowling.


8. Karaoke & Bowling by Mandykay77, §209,599

A big night out awaits at this massive entertainment spot.  The single story includes seven lanes of bowling, an arcade with several games and a bubble blower, a locker room/bathroom, and a karaoke lounge with a bar, karaoke stage, a dance floor, and lots of seating.


9. Seaview Bowling & Leisure by  knownforeveras, §243,445

There’s something for everysim in this sports destination.  The first floor has three lanes of bowling, a basketball court, swimming pool, monkey bar play area, and bar.  The second floor has a restaurant with bar, computer cafe with coffee bar and balcony seating, bathrooms, and chess boards on the balcony.  The basement has an exercise room with treadmills, weight bench, and punching bag, hot tub room, sauna room, bathrooms, and a yoga studio with yoga mats and meditation stools.


10. Splitsville Bowling by Azulsims01, §247,636

Finding a lane isn’t difficult in this two story bowling paradise.  The first floor offers four bowling lanes, and a diner with bar (seating available both inside and on the patio), and bathrooms.  The second floor has four more bowling lanes, an arcade and an extension of the diner with indoor and balcony seating.