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❗ This lifestate was originally introduced with a special Sims 4 Challenge. Even though the challenge has ended, you are still able to become a PlantSim in the game. 

Enable the buydebug cheat and search for the “Magic PlantSim Stump” and the “Magic Beans” in buy mode, place the beans into the stump, water it will turn into the special PlantSim Portal. Sims will need to explore the portal to find the Forbidden Fruit. 

If you would rather skip planting the magic bean tree, just search buy mode for the “Forbidden Fruit of the PlantSim” and have the sim eat it.

Information on PlantSims and the original challenge below

For a limited time, The Sims team has enabled a new PlantSim Challenge within the game that allows your Sims to Photosynthesize and complete the all-new Magic Bean collection. To help guide you through this challenge, is a returning NPC named Jasmine!

Upon entering the main menu of The Sims 4, you will be greeted with a “challenge” pop-up that details the current, limited time, PlantSim feature. This allows Sims to complete a series of events in order to successfully turn into PlantSims for 5 days.


To begin using this new feature, simply “Call Jasmine Holiday” via cell phone and await her arrival. Another way to find her is to head over to the local Community Garden. Once she comes knocking on the door, you can choose any of the following option:

Ask About PlantSim Challenge – This option will bring up a notification bubble with a brief summary of what this feature is about and how your Sims can use it. This feature is limited to Sims Child to Elder.

Magic PlantSim Stump – When asking Jasmine about the challenge, she will also provide the asking Sim with a “Magic PlantSim Stump” in their inventory.



Completing the PlantSim Challenge

To begin the challenge you will need to begin collecting “Magic Beans” from NPC PlantSims roaming around the neighborhood. These Sims will have Green Skin, leafy looking hairstyles, and general “glow” to their appearance. Clicking on these Sims will display a new interactions called “Ask for Magic Bean”. Sims will then beg for a magic bean.

There are a total of 6 magic beans in all, and you must collect all of them in order to fill the Magic PlantSim Stump that opens the magic PlantSim Portal. The magic beans a Sim receives is dependent on the emotional state of the NPC PlantSim.

If you’re looking for a “Sad” or “Angry” Magic Bean, you will need to find PlantSims who are currently in that emotional state. To figure out what type of mood a PlantSim is currently in, drum up a conversation with them and the conversation UI will indicate their emotion.


If you can’t find a PlantSim with the specific mood you’re looking for, feel free to use general socials and interactions to try and change their mood. Note that if an NPC is not in any of the bean-related moods, they will simply decline your request for a magic bean.

The following 6 Magic Beans can be acquired in the game:

Angry Magic Bean (Common) - Ok, I'm shouting, I'm shouting! I'm a Magic Bean, and I'm shouting!
Confident Magic Bean (Common) - I'm a Magic Bean. I know I'm a Magic Bean. I'm that confident.
Flirty Magic Bean (Common) - How you doin' Flirty Magic Bean?
Playful Magic Bean (Common) - Never has the purity of Playfulness been so compact, as found here... within this Magic Bean!
Sad Magic Bean (Common) - Blue... Sadness... a Magic Bean.

Uncomfortable Magic Bean (Common) - WHAT?! So Uncomfortable!!
Once a Sim has collected all beans, they must place the “Magic PlantSim Stump” on the lot and use the “Plant Magic Bean Interaction” to place all six magic beans. Next, use the “Water” interaction to turn the stump into the “Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree”.

The Magic Bean Portal Tree will have an open portal that Sims can enter using the special tree interaction. Sims will spend a good amount of time in the portal and emerge with (or without) the “Forbidden Fruit of the PlantSim”. Sims can then plant the fruit to grow a PlantSim Fruit tree, or eat the Fruit. Eating the fruit will turn Sims into a PlantSim for 5 days.



Playing as a PlantSim

Upon morphing into a PlantSim, Sims will receive the “Be the PlantSim” +1 Happy moodlet. This moodlet lasts for 5 days, and once it runs out of time, PlantSims will then turn back into a regular human Sim. PlantSims will also receive the “Photosynthesizing” +2 Energized moodlet when outside in the sun.

From what we gathered during our play session, there are no special PlantSim powers or interactions when turning Sims into PlantSims. Aside from being able to talk to plants regardless of Gardening Skill, the only noticeable differences are their motives.

PlantSims have their Bladder Need replaced with “Water” and their Hunger Need is satisfied by being outside in the sun for a fair amount of time, or by using the special “Absorb Solar Energy From Plant” interaction to fulfill their hunger need as well.


❗ NOTE: Wile absorbing energy from plants can be performed multiple times, the growth stage of plants will change. For example, if you have a blossoming plant in the game and absorb energy multiple times, the growth stage will reset to “Sprouted”.

PlantSims must also have enough water in order to photosynthesize, so if their water need is low, they will not be able to satisfy their hunger need.

PlantSims who do not get enough water will eventually “dry out” (which causes their hair to turn grey) and after 24 hours, their hunger will begin to deplete. PlantSims who do not satisfy their water and hunger needs will receive the “Parched” and “Sun Starved” uncomfortable moodlets. This is the final warning to get them water. If PlantSims have not replenished their Water need within 24 hours, they will Wilt Away and become human.



Magic Bean Collection

The Sims 4 PlantSim Challenge adds new collectibles to the game for Sims to find with the all-new Magic Bean Collection. Collecting all 6 magic beans will complete the collection.

❗ Magic Beans cannot be collected from PlantSim’s within your household.


Forbidden Fruit of the PlantSim

The Sims 4 PlantSim Challenge adds a brand new collectible that adds to the already existing Gardening Collection. This fruit can be acquired by entering the Tree Portal, by harvesting a planted Forbidden Fruit tree, or by unlocking it in buydebug. Eat and become a PlantSim!